Monday, January 20, 2020

New Stamp Scrubber + Crafty Friends Coupon Code!

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I'm so excited to show you a new product today - I've had this video in the works for a while, and it just makes me smile every time I see the new Stamp Scrubber from Picket Fence Studios!

It looks like a cute little lawn, so of course I had to take the still for the video with a little deer sitting on it. :)

It's a really amazing material - it's soft and scrubby - will not damage your stamps or your MISTI or anything you use it on BUT - it will get all the gunk out of even the most detailed stamps. Plus, like those magic sponges, it expands when wet! Stay tuned for a video overview below! But can we talk about how seriously cute it is for a second? Because it's seriously cute.

Okay fine, I'll give you the video. But after you watch it, come back for your 20% discount on your Stamp Scrubber and the rest of their amazing Creativation release!

You have to  click the banner and use code CRAFTYFRIENDS20 to take advantage of our special discount!

Here's a peek at their latest release if you want to take advantage of my coupon code! Click any image to go to the new release!



  1. Ha, love that deer on the scrubbie!

  2. thanks for the discount ... I had to type in the name of each new stamp to find it in the store (it wasn't showing-up when you clicked on the images or went to the All list).

  3. That is cute with the deer on the sponge. It does look like astro turf. :)
    The kids head's stamp sets are intriguing. I could use those.


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