Sunday, August 18, 2019

This week - CHECK!

I'm a NEXT LEVEL procrastinator. As I've told you, I believe this is actually the dirty little secret behind incredibly productive people. We waste zero time faffing around before something is due and just do it at the last possible second, thereby being both incredibly efficient and leaving ourselves time to look at baby goats.

However, there's one particular kind of procrastination that I do that I wish I could stop doing.

I procrastinate things that make me uncomfortable.

Phone calls. Emails I don't want to send. Unpleasant expenses I just need to deal with. FOLDING LAUNDRY.

I consider this malignant procrastination, as opposed to the benign, even benevolent procrastination I do with blog posts and YouTube videos, because I know I'd be a happier person if I just DID the stupid stuff I don't want to do. When I'm doing the other procrastinated stuff, I'm super happy, because I love it - I just don't like doing stuff in advance of when it's due.

So I wish there was a little device I could zap myself with when this feeling comes over me and forces me to delay something dumb and inconsequential.

And I really love checking things off my list, so all the more reason to just do it.

That's actually what inspired today's card, which is for one of the Dare to Get Dirty challenges.

I bought this background stamp a year or two ago, and have had this card in my head for a while. My zentangling, geometric heart loves the possibilities of a grid. It's actually a gene in my family. My dad was obsessed with graph paper, and so are my siblings. That delightful order is very compelling.

I colored the grids with my fun mini pens while watching TV - I colored ten of these one night, in all different ways. Fun, satisfying and easy. The layering word die is this one. Since this is something I say a lot, it's a must for me.

What are you up to this weekend? I'm still catching up a bit on things, but I'm hoping for a lunch out with my niece and some planning for my upcoming retreat in October. It's October 24-27 and it's $450. Extra nights are $75 apiece, and the retreat days include all meals and eight classes, as well as pillow gifts, goodie bags and prizes.

Want to come?

Fill out this form to be placed on the waiting list!

And two notable sales this weekend!

Stamp-n-Storage is having a 10% off storewide sale! You will need to click here and then use my code: FRIENDS19 to enjoy the discount

And Gina is having a HUGE sale - 20% off for back to school. Click here and use code SCHOOL20 - and I highly recommend the Electro pop inks.


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  1. Fabulous card! My inability to realize time SCREWS me! It was just the other day..... 3 weeks ago 😔 fabulous card and SAD SAD SAD No retreat for me!

  2. Great to meet a fellow procrastinator.
    I signed up on the wait-life for the
    retreat but would like more information.
    thanks txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot0com


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