Tuesday, May 2, 2017

It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

Every Sunday - I do a Facebook live with my Stampin' Up! team - I make a project while we chat - and I look forward to it every week. I have some extraordinarily hilarious people on my team.

So I thought I'd show them this card on Sunday because we could do masking and stamp layering.

However, one of the reasons that I have to do voiceovers for my videos is because I am incapable of talking and stamping.

I'm good at stamping and I'm REALLY good at talking, but those two things cannot happen at the same time for the protection of myself and others.

So I started making the card - I stamped the car, masked it, stamped it again - and then just started stamping the houses behind the cars.

Except those little punks who were watching didn't tell me that I forgot to move the mask from the first car onto the second car before I stamped the houses right on top of it.

TWO TIMES they let me do it! They are all in time out, so please don't try to contact them. I'll let you know when I let them out.

So the card was ruined and I only had one car that was masked and two cars that were a hot mess.

But because we are crafters and solve problems, I was determined to get a card out of it, so I trimmed the whole botched scene down to make a bookmark card. And I ended up really liking it! They picked the colors for me in an effort to get out of the doghouse. It was not effective.
In the City Host set by Understand Blue

That combo of Bermuda Bay and Real Red is always good - but add the new Lemon Lime Twist - SHAZAM!

I've been watercoloring a lot lately, so getting back to layering stamps and the MISTI was nice - that's always squeal worthy, and I just love this stamp set.

I've also run out of Audible credits (wailing), so I've been listening to some podcasts while I stamp.

First - here are my favorite recent books from when I still had Audible credits:

Adnan's Story - Rabia's book on Adnan Syed's case - the absolutely gripping story detailed in the podcast Serial. Even if you listened to Serial and Undisclosed, you will love this book. Even better - Rabia is the narrator, and I love her voice and her sass.

Killing Kennedy & Killing Lincoln - both of these were fascinating and had many details I never learned about these two assassinations. I'd recommend these in print though, because in the audio version - the author is the narrator and he doesn't know the difference between CALVARY and CAVALRY and I almost lost my furry mind, because he says the wrong word 37,000 times. My eye is still twitching.

The Graveyard Book - This is a full-cast production of a very fun and spooky young adult book by Neil Gaiman. DEFINITELY do the audio.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - Barbara Kingsolver and her family's diary of eating for one year only food that was sourced within a 100 mile radius of where they lived. Great information in here, even though I think at certain moments she becomes a little condescending / snarky - it's still very much worth reading.The author and her family are the narrators, so that is cool.

Essentialism - a fantastic book for those of us on a quest to have less stuff and fewer distractions.

The podcasts I've enjoyed recently are:

Undisclosed Season 2 - This podcast started as an offshoot of the Serial Podcast, but has since taken up two more Innocence Project cases - Season 2 about Joey Watkins is great. I'm about halfway through. I will say - I have started skipping the addenda episodes. Jon Cryer is the host - and listening to a very sheltered and insulated New Yorker make observations about the south and southerners is annoying at best. :)

Missing Richard Simmons - I was unaware that Richard Simmons had sort of disappeared from the public eye - and this podcast was interesting and a little sad.

I will say about podcasts that the delivery is somewhat confusing - in the native Apple podcast app - things are in a random order, and episodes from different podcasts get jumbled together and everything is hard to find.

If anyone has a better organized, more Virgo-friendly app they like that displays episodes in chronological order and without pollution from other series', lay it on me, stringbean!

In the meantime, I hope it's a great day in your neighbourhood! (PS - note the spelling on my card - the stamp set comes with this sentiment with both spellings - I just accidentally chose the Canadian one.)



  1. So you mean you chose the CORRECT spelling? :)

  2. I love your posts! I just ordered this set on the preorder today. It's adorable.

  3. In my defense, I had shown up at the same time the boo boo happened, so I Wasn't able to say anything. LOL But I did suggest the turquoise (aka Bermuda Bay) color! Hee, hee. "We're Punks" - I just 💙 being part of the UB family! 😁

  4. Great fix for a great story! I'm going to take your advice on these podcasts. Yay!

  5. I'm not sure I've commented on your website, but certainly want to do so today. You have quite the rep in Stampin' Up; I think Brian King first mentioned your wit, and I agree! Your book recommendations are great, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed (and learned from) "A Stranger in the Woods." I hope the hermit is happy now, but I'm not so sure. May I recommend a book to you? It's "Hillbilly Elegy," which I heard about on Face the Nation a month or so ago. The author, J.D. Vance, was on FTN to talk a bit about his book. It gave me a lot of insight into folks living in Kentucky and Ohio and how they feel in relation to the rest of the U.S. Also, I'm Scots-Irish, as is J.D., and I learned more about my heritage from his book.

    1. Oh my gosh - I read that book and I loved it too - we must be book twins!

  6. BwaaHaHa! That must have been one fun Sunday chat-n-stamp!

  7. It sounds like you have found plenty of podcasts... but have you checked your library website?? A ton of them have apps that let you checkout and download audiobooks from home?

    1. I have but I finally gave up because the availability was so terrible!

  8. Lydia, I'm so sorry that I hadn't kept up on your blog, otherwise I would've put this stamp set on my pre-order!!! WAH!!!!! Anyway, I use the Overcast app to listen to podcasts. It works great, although my iPhone REALLY needs to be replaced - not because it is old (it's a 6), but because DH talked me out of the more expensive upgrade of more space. So it has 16 whatevers, and that's NOT ENOUGH! I have to keep deleting podcasts I've listened to only half of. I have it set to delete the podcasts as soon as I've finished listening, and it doesn't download them til I hit "play".

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS
    moot96 AT aol DOT com (I don't use the gmail address)


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