Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Next Up - WINTER As We Know It

Since we've discussed fall, or actually the lack of fall, in Texas already, let's talk about winter. Sorry -

"Winter" is a period of time here that is generally characterized by the following.

  • Rain
  • School closes when it's raining and the temperature is below 50, for fear that buses full of little darlings will go skidding into ditches because the rain is moderately chilled, and thereby dangerous to people unaccustomed to being chilly (outside of a margarita brain freeze.)
  • Lower air conditioning bills for a period of exactly 60 days, during some of which people might still whine that it's hot and debate about whether to turn it back on (myself included.)
  • Cedar fever, which renders everyone unable to enjoy the below 90 temperatures because they are in the emergency room getting breathing treatments and having their heads removed.
However, winter - sorry - "winter" - does bring one blissful, welcome reprieve for all Texans.

A significant reduction in the likelihood that you will be killed by a poisonous insect or snake. 

Not an elimination, but a reduction. And this is cause for rejoicing. 

No longer does a cloud of wasps dive bomb you when you open the front door, snakes are sleepy, and chiggers go dormant. All the whos in Whoville sing their little songs and romp freely for 60 days until it begins again, and we don our armor, beat our light sweaters back into swords and get ready to fight to live another day.

One bug I do miss in the "winter" is the bees. We have tons of sage bushes in the neighborhood and I love walking past them when the whole bush is buzzing with fluffy little bees. It's just a happy sight and sound, the sage leaves, the purple flowers, the smell, and the furry yellow little bumblers.

I had BEEn (see what I did there?) meaning to make a card with the sweet bees from Shooting Star since JUNE when I got it, but just never had time to ink it up, so the time came for the bees to make it onto paper. What I LOVE about this bundle is that TEENY bee has a TEENY matching die. It's the cutest die I've ever owned. 

I just quickly watercolored a wash and the hive with Schmincke, colored (Copics) and die cut the bees and added a single 1/8" strip of gold Rainbow Tape for an accent. The teeny weeny sentiment is adorable too. 

My 1" wash brush is seeing a lot more action these days - but with the half pans of watercolor, it's not exactly a match. I feel like the universe is telling me I need full pans. WHO IS WITH ME? 

So cheers to you as you head into the holiday season with me - with or without your air conditioning on. Enjoy your wasp-free days - I know I will!

Watch for updates from OnStage on my Instagram and Facebook accounts over the coming weekend! I can't wait to see what they've got for us from the Occasions Catalog.



  1. I will BEE missing you friend!!!!!!

  2. I BEEn loving this little set also.. I use the shooting star and have BEEn thinking about putting that big on the sliding action. Perhaps I will do that today.. and yes.. its Nov and I am still wearing summer shorts. I BEE loving your BEE card. Gail

  3. Your bee card is adorable! I love the watercolor background and the fun metallic stripe!

    I'm jealous of your "winter". Up here, we don't cancel recess unless the windchill is below 0. School itself doesn't close unless the windchill is 20 below or more or there is a foot of snow that falls between midnight and 5 am.

    Thanks for sharing!


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