Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Time For Outrage

I have decided that it's time for an end to a barbaric practice carried out all over the world.

This unspeakable act causes the mortal suffering of millions of people every minute of every day, myself included.

But we bear our suffering in silence. Why? Is there a stigma associated with standing up to this particularly horrifying cause of pain?

Are we fearful something worse will take its place?


But now is the time to be heard. We must be brave in the face of the monster that is known as....


As I was clawing at my neck today (wearing a new shirt) I just snapped. I can't take it anymore. My sensitive, itchy Irish skin has had enough. 

Once we figured out how to print that the State of California has banned all the material in your shirt ONTO THE FABRIC, why did there continue to be a tag industry?

Where is the tag industry located and who heads it up?

"I'd like that person brought from his happy holiday slumber over there on Melody Lane with all the other rich people and I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten..."

Well - Christmas Vacation fans know why I had to cut that off where I did. 

ANYWAY - they need to be brought to justice. Every last one of them. The suffering needs to end. 

Once I did some surgery on my shirt, the day got better. 

For one thing, an interview I did with Modern Woman was published today - hooray! It's about why we send handmade cards. 

Shelley Seale did a great job on the article and there are tons of great tips in there.
(And tomorrow I will actually be in USA Today online, talking on a different topic. Print version is Thursday or Friday I believe.)

Today I wanted to play with a set I've had at the front of my "stamp with this now" bin forever.

I paired it up with one of the upcoming Sale-A-Bration sets because I love that sentiment! The name of the set is Designer Tee, and it goes with a set with little customizable T-shirts. Adorable. They are available in January, or if you want to pre-order them, you can do so in a starter kit!

The hipster fox is from Jolly Friends in the holiday catalog. I stamped him first in Smoky Slate with my MISTI. Then I colored him with Copics, and then overstamped him with Memento to make him really crisp. 

The little scarf image in the set I stamped a little below his head and then filled in a neck for him with marker. 

The glasses in the set are separate so I just stamped them on last. 

My daydream is to get rid of all tags in clothing, and I will not quit it, I promise. Not until they've been banished from the earth.



  1. I hate tags too especially the ones in side of shirt. Cute card!

  2. Oh, tags!!! A four letter word in my house. Our poor little boy cried for 20 minutes when it was time to put socks on and another 20 minutes when he had to wear a shirt with a tag on it. Both came off immediately upon returning home. Thankfully they are beginning to print tags directly on some items of clothing . Maybe someday your daydream will be 100% fulfilled! I love this cute card! That sentiment is awesome!

  3. Have you been reading my mind lately????? Gah! Those blankety-blank tags have been driving me to the brink of unkind-even-should-never-be-spoken-in-front-of-children language --- at the least! New rule ... no new tops that have sewn-in tags .... period! And BTW ... that fox card is totally adorable!!!

  4. Great card! btw did you know that some of the printed in the clothing instead of tags...it's horrible scratchy Paint! I'm a follower and just had to comment today. I've been cutting out tags for years. Will you run for prezzy in four years? :)

  5. I was never tag intolerant until I had a surgery that left a scar on the back of my neck. I am now sorry I was so unsympathetic for most of my life - I get it now!! I am willing to back you up in your fight against the tag terrorists.
    Also -- well done you on your interviews!
    AND I love your card!

  6. Squeeeee! I love this card! I haven't had a chance to use this little fox guy yet... he's so adorable the way you have accessorized and colored him! Thanks for the inspiration to actually go ink this stamp up!


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