Friday, February 5, 2016


I have spent a few days learning things from some really amazing people in the crafting industry. We've had a ton of fun, learned a lot, laughed a ton, and ate way too much cheese. (That's actually a trap - there's no such thing as too much cheese, and if you were nodding your head while reading that, you've now been outed as an anti-cheesite and I'm onto you.)

In between cheese eating sessions, some great discussions happened, and one of them was about Eeyore.

I think you can decide every day if you are going to go through life as Eeyore or Tigger, and I've always loved those two archetypes of human personalities.  I had blogged it here, a few years ago, and so I loved hearing that message again, because I think it's important.

Attitude is everything.

That being said, some of the funniest stamp images and cards are comically grumpy ones. And I love them - because they are so much funnier and more endearing on cards than they are in real life.

So when I saw the January My Paper Pumpkin kit, I knew exactly where one of the greetings from the set was going, and it was going under this bird. Normally not a grumpy bird, he is transformed by the MEH into a gloriously cranky little beast.

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HA! It cracks me up.

Just say meh to an Eeyore outlook. :)

A few reminders. All the "while supplies last" Sale-A-Bration items are going away on February 15th and getting replaced with new ones, so if you don't have The Sky Is The Limit stamp set:

The Perfectly Artistic Designer Series Paper (my personal favorite) - a gorgeous marbled paper that reminds me of the inside binding pages of the books I used to take care of at the Rare Books Department at Rush Rhees Library at the University of Rochester. Trivia break - I used to be a rare book preservation technician! I took care of one of the largest Victoriana collections in the worlds, John Updike's manuscripts, and my absolute favorites that I miss - John Gardner's manuscripts. If you have never read any of his books, please do so - and be warned, despite my Tigger outlook, I value some tragedy in my favorite books, as long as it's authentic. I love the bleakness of his and (his student's) Raymond Carter's writing, and as a person who loves sunlight, I completely resonated with bleak after four long winters in upstate New York - well, seven if you count the first three years of my life.

And yes, now I rip apart cheap reprints of Nancy Drew books and turn them into art journals. However, contrary to popular belief, that is NOT because I don't respect books, it's because I know what a really valuable book looks like, and not a cheap knockoff reprint.
But I digress. Don't miss the the Hello stamp set,

If you miss out on these, you are about to be super sad, like Eeyore.

Also, my retreat for April in Salt Lake is almost full - so strike while the iron is hot!

Hope you have a Tigger day tomorrow.



  1. You have done so many things!!! I keep learning from you!

  2. Very pretty watercoloring. That is a funny sentiment to use!

  3. I love it! I so wish we had Paper Pumpkin in the UK! Bah Humbug!! :-)

  4. Love the MEH blue bird! I had no idea what I would MEH for or for that matter what it meant until I googled it! LOL

  5. The wonderful thing about tiggers Is tiggers are wonderful things! Thanks for sharing your MEH creation - loving the watercolored chick!

  6. MEH seems perfect for this bird and, as I'm having a MEH-day, me, too. However, ther is nothing meh about your coloring of said bird. Utterly charming. And, thanks to your little bit trivia, I now know why you are so adept with the written word.

  7. Hey! Come on back to Rochester for a visit -we have room for you AND you could visit your beloved manuscripts! I mean, I'll even clean up my craft room for you... just sayin.
    Did I mention that Light in the Ruins by Chris Bojahlian is really good?


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