Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Big Magic

I read a book recently that I think everyone needs to read. It's called Big Magic.

One of my team members recommended it to me - she's like my book sherpa - and her name is Sarah. You should follow her on her blog and Instagram because she's amazing - smart, funny, energetic, and has superhuman strengths.

But her real calling is as my book sherpa.

The part of this book that really struck me is the part about being receptive to ideas.

The author says that ideas are swirling around out there in the universe, and they end up with people who are in the right frame of mind to act on them.

I definitely believe that this is true - I've seen it in action. My friend Luressa, for example, came up with the idea for something called Tattle Teen - a LONG time ago. Basically it was a bumper sticker with a number where people could report other people's teenagers for driving badly, etc.

This idea then visited other people, who turned it into apps and devices on cars that report speed, stop times, etc. to parents right from the car.

These people all independently hatched these ideas, but some of them were readier than others to turn the ideas into reality.

I think we've all been on one end of this or the other, and it's really magical to watch it all happen.

In 2008, I saw this card by Ellen Hutson and I was SO inspired by the idea of just adding white pencil to stamped images that I created THIS hideously boring card.  Sorry Ellen!

But just recently, I've been seeing the most SPECTACULARLY beautiful cards using white pencil by Chris Dayton that I had to give it a try again.

Great ideas never die, and they are better every time someone tries them.

Her work is just stunning. She has a very wide range and a lot of talents, but those white pencil cards really spoke to me.

I knew the perfect image to try this out on - the Birthday Blooms floral image.

I stamped the image in Whisper White craft ink, and then colored it with both a White and a Greyish Black Caran D'ache Pablo Pencil. This is where you can find my smudge guard.

Pin It

It's so super duper easy to get a pretty look with just one or two pencils.

I made a quick video so you can believe me on how easy it is. I stamped it in my Mini MISTI (PS - I think these are available now - squee!) because I toyed with the idea of adding heat embossing to the image after I was done coloring it but then I changed my mind.

So is there an idea floating around that is just waiting for you to bring it to life?

Spend some time thinking about that - it might be your time! :) And most definitely read (or listen to - that's what I did) the book.

Also, check out today's ADORABLE tutorial for a paper bag gift card by my beloved friend Bev, for today's Splitcoaststampers Weekly Inkling newsletter - it will steal your heart. 



  1. Very nice Lydia.This is much improved from your first try but that is the way with anyone. I have pinned your video as a reference as I LOVE this idea. I am pretty sure my first one won't look as good as your first one but practice will help. TFS!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out. Love your card. It's fabulous!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I will give this a try.

  4. You always wow me! This is absolutely beautiful! Such talent😍

  5. this is stunning :) and I have a smudge guard in the holding tank now bwahahahaha... got a dark spot on something water colored yesterday. who knew they made such things :) tfs!

  6. Beautiful!!!! So very delicate! It's been awhile since I have been able to visit, so glad I could stop by today. Exquisite card and great video. Thanks for the extra time you take to share a video!

  7. What a beautiful, simple card. I was so inspired while watching that I started coloring the stamp image in the catalog (a great coloring book too!)

  8. Gorgeous... thanks so much for sharing

  9. Oh this is so lovely - thanks so much for sharing and for your video! I am definitely going to give this a try!!! I love your blog!

  10. Super video, Lydia. The dark pencil really finished off that flower in a beautiful way. Who knew black and white could be so yummy?

  11. Turned out nicely! And I love the idea of making yourself receptive to ideas floating around!


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