Monday, July 7, 2014

Don't Let The World Define You

I saw the most awesome video yesterday.

It was such a great life lesson about how you shouldn't let the world define you. You should just do whatever you want to do and let the chips fall where they may.

You only get one chance, after all.

And if you want to train a horse, and all you've got is a cow, then by God, train your cow.

I like that girl. She's got moxie.

So yesterday I had a chance (through the gift of procrastinating everything I should have been doing) to play with a product I've had for a month or so but haven't gotten a chance to try. It's called Brusho - and it's a watercolor powder. I blame Dina Kowal for this purchase - she's the one who told me it existed and of course I had to immediately buy it.

It's really a SUPER cool medium. The color is VERY intense, as you'll see, and a little goes a long way. It has a really velvety finish when dry that is so different from any other watercolor I've used. That's not really possible to show you here, but trust me, it's awesome.

It's workable like a BOSS. I went back over some hard lines from where each color pooled a little and was amazed at how it blended out even after it was dry - My Lukas tube watercolor, my Koi, pencils or reinkers - nothing is as workable as this.

Oddly enough, despite that, it's not super reactive with rubbing alcohol or dessicants, like salt. Alcohol had almost no effect.

The crystals are rather large, so sprinkling wasn't as successful as I thought it would be - the pigment is so intense I ended up with dark, dark granular areas I ended up blending out.

It's non-toxic, which I can verify, because the first thing Maddie did was lick my palette like a ninja when I had the powders out. Way to go Maddie.

I wrote the colors on the cap of each container because they all look the same. The colors are unbelievably beautiful. Oddly enough, the green pigments' powder is orange.

I used some of my favorites in a quick experiment while I was testing.

First, I stamped the Dotty Angles stamp in Versamark and clear embossed it. I stamped the greeting from Perfect Pennants in Basic Black.

Then I used Violet, Turquoise, Leaf Green and Yellow Brusho Powders to do a watercolor resist. I loved every minute of it.

I also enjoyed reading the instructions, which are in British English - so funny and different.

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So if life is imperfect and gives you a cow when you wanted a horse - saddle up, cowgirl.

Make the best of it.


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  1. Oh, no, I should not have looked! Those look so cool, I must have an attack of amnesia. LOL

  2. LOL @ Vic's comment. Good Luck with instantaneous amnesia. Hope for the memory of a goldfish, baby.

    Lydia . . . wow. I already craved the dotty angles stamp (only for the dotty portion - make me love the angles portion, please). These look so fun. Do you have the peerless? The description of the pigments not matching what you expect the color to be reminds me of the peerless. Good thing I have crafting money. I will surely be getting these.

  3. Beautiful! Great sentiment! Love the video! Someone needs to buy that girl a horse. What perseverance! Thanks for the great thought for the week and the product review! The price isn't excessive.

  4. I am with Vic about the amnesia.

  5. Wow, love how that Brusho technique came out! Gorgeous!

  6. DANG! That girl is AWESOME! It's one of those philosophies that can be used in crafting, right? I don't have the new watercolors that LYDIA made me desperate to own, therefore, I should use the watercolors I DO have instead, right?

    Nah. Not liking the logic. Get the girl a horse already!

    (ordering the watercolors)

    "There he sits with his eyes never looking out and always searching in. And sometimes he finds in himself the whole human procession" MY fave from Rootabaga!!! LOL

  7. No worries ... I can ride a horse with the best of'em. But I also named the cows we had while growing up on a farm. ;)

    And THANK You for sharing how you made that fabby card!! Very cool ... very fun!

  8. Those colors are gorgeous. I think I may have to add those powders to my birthday wish list.


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