Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Breaking Bokeh

Seriously? Only one more Breaking Bad? I might die of a broken heart!

It's amazing I had the strength to type this much already, really. If only you could see how sad my posture is.

While we wait for the end together, do you remember this card?

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I do - it's one of my fave cards I've ever made. And today, my Bokeh background technique is the tutorial on Splitcoast - SQUEE! Click over for the step by step instructions. It's really super simple. You just need a new pencil.

For my second sample for the technique, I decided to use a punched image for the focal point instead of a stamped one.
Do you see all the love flying off the heart? That's the little pieces it's breaking into with the exit stage left of Heisenberg and Pinkman.


You better watch my tutorial video to cheer me up so I don't die.



  1. I am so sorry for your loss.
    I do love this technique and thank you for bucking up enough to bring it to us.

  2. This video is currently unavailable!!!! :( so sorry for your impending loss!!!!! <3

  3. Oh, I love this card & technique!! You have just enabled me to now go on a frantic search for those gelato thingy-ma-bobs. Because I simply MUST feed my need for anything shimmery, glimmer, glittery, shiny, etc. etc. etc.

    My "Other" watches Breaking Bad, too. He's sad.

  4. New eraser is the key. Old eraser does not work so well. Neither does a split chopstick. Neither does the top of a paper piercer or green doggie treat stick.


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