Saturday, September 7, 2013

Battle of the Sexes!

I had my monthly stamp class today, and I have to say, it was a hoot.

I stayed up WAY too late last night. Yes, I was procrastinating prepping, but shut up - that's not the point.

Procrastinating would have been fine.

The problem was that the first project I was prepping involved this AWESOME FREAKING BOW!!

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Yeah, well after I made my sample, then I made 10 squillion other bows with a bunch of different pretty paper and totally forgot I was supposed to be prepping. Until about 11 PM, when my exhaustion reminded me, and I moved on to the other two.

You can surely understand what happened.

The magic is from the Bigz Gift Bow Die, with more die cutting magic for the "merry" - which is the Expressions Thinlits set. The paper is Winter Frost. Hard to see here, but that stripey paper has silver foil in it - really beautiful.

SUCH an easy card, no stamping, just easy crazy pretty.

I made this for the Virtual Stamp Weekend challenge I'm hosting - RIGHT FRACKING NOW. :)

I named the challenge for my parents' wedding anniversary, which is today. They got married in 1957!

Happy anniversary M&D!

The name of my challenge is Battle of the Sexes, and if you want to see a HILARIOUS video about the difference between men and women, come check out the full challenge details here. I hope you can make time to make a card for it!



  1. Lydia, MY parents were married on Sept. 6TH!! (Okay, 1958, a day short of one year after yours.) No wonder we keep finding more things in common.....cue the theme to "Twilight Zone".......

  2. This card is wonderful.

    Had a great time making it yesterday.



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