Sunday, August 4, 2013

Streaking. It's More Fun Than You Think!

This month kicks off a challenge on the website - 31 Days of Geocaching.

They've challenged us to find one cache each day in August and it's very motivating.

Since I've found most of the caches within walking distance of my home, I have to really plan this out so that I have time each day to find a quickly accessible cache that I have a shot at finding.

I kicked off the streak with my sweet friend Lee Ann, who was here visiting from Missouri. And yes, one of the caches was in a HEAD! :)

What's cool is this will be a streak within a streak this month - because I'm quickly closing in on a 365 day caching streak that started the day I found my first cache last year :)

I'll have to find a really epic one to end my streak on!

Speaking of streaks, I've been streaking through the Dare to Get Dirty challenges on Splitcoast also.

I saw a swap at convention that used the Backyard Basics stamps, Express Yourself,  and Backyard Basics dies to make a little bouquet and I had to copy it because it was just so pretty. This card is for Tammie's challenge.

And, it turned out that this month's Challenge Chicks challenge was flowers, so I had a twofer!

Streakin' baby! :)
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Do you have a streak you're working on?

I'm working on most days without folding laundry right this second.

Also, most consecutive days without dusting.



  1. My current streak is number of days not exercising. I don't even want to count, as they amount to YEARS. But it's an easy one to keep going.

    Oh, and HAHAHAHA! I just saw your new comment comment.

  2. Dust is nature's UV protection and shouldn't be disturbed

  3. Dust is nature's UV protection. Don't disturb it!

  4. I am on a streak of bathing!!!! ;) yes, shamefully I spent my weekend in the exact same clothes EVERYDAY, jammies to my capri sweats back to jammies! The only wash up was slopping coffee on myself!!!



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