Friday, August 23, 2013


Okay - I don't know how to sew. There's something about sewing machines that just is offputting to me. I think it's how the loose threads just hang out all willy nilly. Then there's the tangling. Why is there so much tangling and bobbin suicide? Why do you have to use your feet AND your hands?

It just seems to me that the whole process could be better designed. It seems like they never really progressed past "Let's make a machine that jabs a needle into things (like your fingers) and we'll work out how and why there are two sources of tangly thread later when someone complains."

So I have a little bit of a phobia.

Really if I had to choose between and iron and a sewing machine, I'd choose an iron. Which really means, I choose neither.

However, sadly, I love fabric! So sometimes I buy it and do absolutely nothing with it. I suppose I could get a needle and just poke at it and see if I could make something, but ain't nobody got time for that.

BUT, as if to justify my purchases, Birgit's Mix-Ability challenge today is to use fabric on a card. I could have used felt, I suppose, and really made it easy. But NO - I proudly trotted out my unused fabric, tore the edges of it with my own two paws, painted it with white acrylic paint and used it on a card!

Take that, Singer!

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Stamps: Sent with Love, Hearts a Flutter Ink: Basic Black, Real Red, Pool Party, Paper: Whisper White Accessories: Candy Cane Christmas Fabric, white paint, Hearts a Flutter framelits

Now before you start calling me a weirdo for having a sewing phobia, I was talking to a friend on Twitter who is afraid of magnets. And balloons! She'll have to tell me after she reads this if she's also afraid of sewing machines.

We may have been separated at birth.

If you're not afraid of fabric, come play in today's challenge.



  1. I LOVE using fabric on cards. I also have a real sewing machine - it was a wedding present from my mom waaaaaay back in the day. We had to take Home Ec in HS (both boys and girls) and we also had to take Shop (boys and girls). I think basic life skills are no longer taught, and it's sad. I had to show a co-worker how to sew on a button the other day. He's 30.

  2. lol...
    well, showed singer eh? :)
    It doesnt really matter which brand you get either they all are that way, my mama bought me a kenmore to sew curtains with. ( I failed home-ec because, of sewing) so, I find it hysterical that I do like to sew on paper. ( it doesn't wiggle)
    This is really neat Lydia, will have to see if Kash is willing to laydown in the cave later and play.

  3. Sewings not so scary. I've been sewing longer than I've been paper crafting. My mom was trained to be a seamstress in her country. So I grew up sewing and doing needlepoint. Last year hubby got me a little sewing machine for my card making. I'm still learning how to use it. But I'm definitely not afraid of sewing.


  4. I am glad you found a use for your fabric with today's challenge. I remember making No sew pillows in High School with stuffing and rubber bands. You aren't afraid of rubber bands are you?

  5. I don't sew either, Lydia, and love this blog post! I actually used to be fairly good at it, but I haven't touched a machine in years. I'm still trying to FIND some fabric - may have to rip up an article clothing, lol!

  6. OMG Lydia. You have brought up a traumatic issue of mine and now I feel exposed. I grew up loving to sew - was so glad to find out it was even a course in high school and middle school (home ec you know). And then . . . (insert ominous dark music) my mom traumatized me by always acting as if I killed the dog when I would ask for help to reload the bobbin.

    I have two sewing machines now. Afraid to try using either because I am afraid someone will yell at me when the bobbin runs out of thread.

    (Okay... I don't think she yelled at me. But she sure could sigh and roll her eyes with aggressive intent.)

  7. Using a little free time this evening to catch up on some blogs!
    This made me laugh. I love sewing, have ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. There are old home movies to prove it. But you're so right about needles - first thing I did when I got my own sewing machine (age about 8) was run a needle halfway through my finger. I'm glad it didn't put me off, though.
    However - I still have to find some time to add fabric to a card and catch up with last week's challenge before this week's rolls around.
    Nothing wrong with buying lovely fabric - it's just like lovely paper :D.
    And you can make gorgeous cards with it too.


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