Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Paper Disco!

I think people who don't like disco are deranged.

It's like saying you don't like kittens or bacon. It's just weird and sad.

Every time I pull out my glimmer paper I am just consumed by the urge to listen to disco. It's totally paper disco.

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Paper: Glimmer Paper, Newsprint, Very Vanilla, Crumb Cake
Ink: Basic Black

I made this little disco ditty for today's tutorial on Splitcoast! Squee! It's the honeycomb shape tutorial and my other version of the apple card is in the tutorial, so go check it out.

Also, while filming the tutorial, I busted myself for committing a crime! You'll have to watch to see what I mean. If you don't see a video below, just click here to watch it.

Admit it.

You're humming Dancing Queen right now.



  1. YES!!! Disco does rule! And I mourned the passing of Donna Summer and Robin Gibb. The music of my younger days seems to be slipping away.

  2. I loved your newsprint apple when you first posted it ... but an apple in glimmer paper???? Be still my heart!
    I love me some sparkle!

  3. I suppose having Dancing Queen stuck in my head today is payback for Tuesday when I subjected my peeps to a bit of Disco ala Pointer Sisters. Oh, and I love the card! TFS

  4. Really neat card, have to try this one tonight. Saw the tutorial the other day and thought "how neat is that." Saturday Night Fever and the BeeGees, loved watching John Travolta and his dancing. Disco was from my erea!!!

  5. Oooh... shiny.... Yes, but my favorite part of this card is the text paper. Love what it adds to the card... *smile*

  6. I must admit that, most of the time, I will fall shamelessly into the deranged category! I've just got to be in a mood for it and, even then, it's got to be something good! However, your Paper Disco ROCKS (can disco rock...?!)! Then how 'bout this - it's totally groovy, man!

  7. ~LOL! Kittens, bacon and yes..disco! Love your apple and your humor! TFS

  8. Totally adore this card Lydia, so glad to have met you today on the Favecrafts Hangout ! Your card is up on :)

    Hugz, X Fab

  9. Just refound this. Really like it.


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