Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake

My question to you is, how could eating a cupcake NOT calm you?

They should give them to people to see if it can cure the fear of public speaking or arachnophobia.

On second thought - I'm not sure even a cupcake can cure arachnophobia. Or fear of monkeys, which I have. Yes, Sue, I can hear you laughing at me from Canada.

Monkeys are gross.

I hope there's not such a thing as a monkey spider. Shudder.

WAIT - back to cupcakes.

Okay so last night on our way back into town, I saw the UPS plane at the gate at ABIA. I squeeeeed like a crazy person because it was 6 PM. A UPS plane at the gate at 6 PM could ONLY be carrying my expedited preorder from the new catalog, because that would be JUST the right time frame for them to load up the trucks overnight and be at my door bright and early with my happy red label box.

Just as I was growling in a comment on Facebook that my friend Mindy had already gotten hers - I mean, as I was typing, my driver knocked on my door - at the same moment!! Now THAT, my friends, is LOGISTICS.

So I ripped open the box and made this for you!!! YES OMG WE NOW HAVE A STAMP TO MATCH MY SHIRT!!! You should order one for convention while you're thinking about it ---->>>> HERE.

Anyhoo. LOOKIE.

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SQUEEEEE!!! Did I say that already?? Yes, that is two new sets of Framelits, a Keep Calm set, and OMG the new firm foam ink pads are the BOMB! The coverage is SO much better than with our current ink pads - you will just be floored. They are somewhere between a craft pad and our current pad in ink consistency and the ink pad itself is very smooth and soft. If you were a masher or a pounder before - you'd best quit those habits before you get these dreamy ink pads. They make using solid images completely blissful!! I'm in love. LOVE, I tell you.

And if you're interested, there is a new, completely customizable starter kit for only $99 - KAPOW! As a bonus, all my newbies get a Keep Calm and Stamp On T-shirt as a welcome gift from me :) Join the fun here.

And for my beloved driver and friends at UPS - thank you!!!


  1. There are spider monkeys!

    Can't wait to try the new ink pads! I'm a bonafide masher... but I've had to be! The old pads only worked if you drenched them in re-inker or mashed.

  2. Spider monkeys can be sweet - but I doubt it. I much prefer wooly monkeys. Eat a cupcake!

    Thanks for making me smile. You crack me up, Lydia!

  3. by the way - I didn't get an anti-spam word verification.

  4. OMG!!!! And SQUEEEE! I KNEW you'd use this set first! Gah! I LURVE it and the ink pads! I want to marry them!!!! And thanks for the link, yo! I gotcha back on my post today;-)

  5. I saw Mindy's card about an hour ago and now yours. I can't wait to see the entire set in the new catalog.

  6. OMG, just love, love, love that card. Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Oh I looove this card! I can't wait to get my hands on this stamp set ~ and I definitely want to order one of those shirts too!!

  8. OH you brilliant darlin' you!! Love this! Sorry to inform you, but their are "spider monkeys". They are cute..not as cute as a cupcake, but cute in their own right.

    Thanks for the lowdown on the new ink pads. I was curious. Guess I have to get some as well. Cherry'O!

  9. I soooo completely agree with you about monkeys! My husband thinks I'm crazy, but they give me the CREEPS! Planet of the Apes is my nightmare fuel!

    BTW cute cupcake card!

  10. Why did I think of you immediately when I saw the sneak peak of this set??? And, by the way, my bff and I sported your t-shirts at weekend crop we went to last month - we were the belles of the ball, I tell ya.
    Love the card -- must have the set AND the framelit!!

  11. And I love monkeys... I was totally in awe when they were swinging over my head in the rainforest of Costa Rica - wanted to take one home, but I understand monkey bites are nasty :-)

  12. Darling, darling card! Framelits in my sight here!!!

  13. There are Spider Monkeys...and I just googled...Monkey Spiders

    Brace yerself lassie! It's a big 'un!


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