Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Keep Calm and... MWAH!

Today - a goodbye kiss!!


I hate goodbyes, especially when I'm saying goodbye to a stamp. Well, except I never really say goodbye to them because I keep them all forever. But I do have to OFFICIALLY say goodbye to a LOT here in the next few days, and one in particular makes me want to cry and scream and throw a fit...

You have two days left to buy one of the most adorable stamps ever made - S.W.A.K. And it's only $5.95!!


I suppose I'll have to buck up, keep calm and carry on, but I don't WANT to.

Stamps: S.W.A.K. - better buy it now - it's gone in two days!, Keep Calm (Available June 1)
Ink: Basic Black, Poppy Parade
Cardstock: Whisper White

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I'll just put one foot in front of the other and try to survive. Somehow.

OH - speaking of one foot in front of the other - I have a new OBSESSION!!!

This is the fitbit and I'm in LOVE!! It tracks all my activity, food, water, etc throughout the day and makes getting off your butt SUPER fun. Today I picked it up and it called me a "stepgeek" :D. It even monitors how well you sleep, and, in my case, how many times your cat starts screeching in the middle of the night.

It's WAY more accurate than the apps I used to use on my phone to track distances and calorie burn, because this actually calibrates to your own stride and movement instead of using distance to estimate your activity level.

It constantly syncs with the website and gives fun graphs and goals every day.

It really is fun to see your patterns this way, and it's so simple.

It's one of my fave gadgets I've ever bought. To the Blue List it goes!

Click here to see the other color and more chitter chatter about it. If you already have one, add me as a friend!

Now, speaking of friends - are you coming to convention? If so, I'd love to include you in my annual Understand Blue Happy Hour! Sign up here.



  1. I have a fitbit too!!! and I am totally obsessed as well!!!! I find myself walking around my house at night in circles when I am close to my next step plateau just to get the dang badge!

  2. I just linked mine up tonight & will start using it tomorrow ... excited to have a way to record my activity.


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