Monday, November 28, 2011

A Trip Back to Second Grade

This glorious six day weekend, which sadly ends today, has made me revert to several really fun crafts from my days in elementary school, mostly thanks to Pinterest.

I've been doing crazy things with marbles, pipe cleaners and tissue paper. It sort of looks like a Martha Stewart bomb went off in here. Cleaning was NOT on my list of things I'd like to do on a holiday mini vacation. So I didn't.

Oh but speaking of Martha Stewart, I FINALLY ordered a pair of her fringe scissors. They have been out of stock FOREVER, and I have been dying to fringe some paper and fabric and felt for MONTHS. I wish they were here today.

Oh - did I ever tell you I TALKED to Martha on the PHONE? I called into her radio show before Thanksgiving and got right on to ask her my question! Seriously! And she was so gracious and nice to talk to. So if you are ever around to catch her show on XM - call in!

Now today while I was attempting to glue different shades of blue tissue paper onto Shimmery White cardstock with gel medium, I ran into the following problem:

Yes, that is my back, and that is a little Splotchy monkey on it. This makes everything a bit harder, if sweeter and funnier.

Anyway, you'd be amazed what you can accomplish walking around bent over at the waist with little 7 pound hot weight on your neck. Here's what I did.

Cool eh? I just cut up tissue (hope you're not getting a gift bag from me any time soon, because now all my tissue is raggedy) and covered a sheet of shimmery white cardstock with it. Then I hand cut the trees and added rhinestones. The greeting is from Forest Festivities.

I was inspired by this lovely pin via a Splitcoast member, RiverIsis:

As the sun goes down, I see that there are a few creatures that are taking this whole vacation thing even more seriously than I am...

Maybe I should take a nap.



  1. Oh come on! What was your question for Martha?!!

    LOVE your blue trees!

  2. Yeah, what did you ask Martha, and did she know it was YOU, designer of one of her blog headers?!?!?!?!?!?

    Love your trees!(And I'm stealing your kittehs.)

  3. Your beautiful trees are a prime example of what to do when faced with a creative block: go back to our elementary school art projects and get inspired. Those art teachers knew what they were doing! *smile*

    WV: sworaffi
    When my kids were little, they sworaffi was the coolest folk singer they'd ever danced to. *smile*

  4. Oh no, not more spotty dotty goodness with trees! Love the inspiration pin. I hope to be pinning myself one day - just awaiting a responce to my request.


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