Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The birds around here are really feeling their oats, lemme tell ya.

It's like a bird concert out back these days, with mockingbirds - those evil beasties - singing lead and our sweet cardinals on shoo-wop backup singer duty.

I like it when they're all going at once and you have to listen really hard to pick out a single song. They have so much to SAY!

I was inspired by Beate to do the color challenge today on Splitcoast - she said "come on - two blues??" - and what can I say to that??

So I did a super quickie card - paper piecing the eggs from Nature Walk in the challenge colors (Marina Mist, Baja Breeze and Certainly Celery) and making my bird scream HI with some little chipboard letters in ALL CAPS. Spring has sprung, my people. Go outside and listen to the birds yell about it.


  1. This is lovely, Lydia.... Those little eggs are so adorable!

  2. Love the card. I wish our yard just had mockingbirds and cardinals in it. Instead, we have the grackles playing "The Dating Game" in our yard every morning. We have convinced the child that the boy grackles are just like real boys, doing silly things to impress the girls.

  3. Cute cute cute! Although I beg to differ that spring has sprung...at least here after covering a soccer game in 30-40 degree windy weather last night...I'm still not warm:-) So you can color me blue AND jealous!

  4. I'll bet your cats love having all those singing birds out there, lol. You rocked the two blue challenge, this is so cute.

  5. Lydia...this is so cute! But I must beg to differ on the spring thing. The birds in MY backyard are saying, "what's this white stuff????" and the weather guesser on the local news (nasty old thing!) is saying we may not be done with snow yet. ugh, I am so ready for spring this year!

    Hopefully our little birdies will be warm and enjoying the weather just like I am enjoying your card! I love that you worked two challenges into one card, too.

  6. Love your card. The birds are singing around here too but they still have on their winter coats brrrr and they are calling for some white stuff this week-end brrr Have a good one, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  7. I love your card, Lydia. And I hear ya about the birdies-they're going nuts here in NorCal.


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