Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Evil Cannibal Bunnies Market Their Friends!

I had my stamping class last weekend and we had some high old times with good springy stuff like bunnies and flowers. I decided to just do a spring mashup and stick my bunnies and my flowers on the same project - so there!!

I took a cute easel box design from Diana Gibbs and modified it to fit a delicious little tiny Lindt chocolate bunneh.

Of course, after I made it I thought - wait - why would a chocolate bunny sit happily up on top of a box with a chocolate bunny inside it saying "Happy Easter! Eat my friend!"??? That doesn't make any dang sense - what kind of an evil bunny IS this anyway???

But it's too late now. Cannibal bunny is already created and has started his rampage, so I have to show him to you! I hope you're not too scared of him.

The modifications I made for Cannibal Bunny are as follows: 4x4 piece of Pretty in Pink cardstock, scored at 1" on each side, a 2x7 strip of Springtime Vintage DSP, scored at 2, 3, 5 and 6 if you want to - I didn't - I just wrapped it snugly around the box and adhered it. Be sure not to stick it to the box - it's just a sleeve the little box slides into. Then there's a 2x4.5" piece of card stock, scored at 2" and 3". The rest of the instructions are just like Diana's.

I got the little victims at my grocery store and they come in a little strip with 5 or six bunnies per package. I let the other bunnies get away safely on the underground bunny railroad.

I had a fabulous adventure this weekend for the start of South by Southwest! My friend Cindy has a sketchbook in The Sketchbook Project, which is traveling around the country right now and arrived in Austin in time for the SXSW kickoff.

I am humbled and floored that she used Sassy Maddie in the book so I had to go take a peek!

Her story in the sketchbook is called the Ring, and it is incredible. Truly a page turner, and her message at the end made us all misty!

And then to turn to the end and see my furry little sassy butt Maddie was just amazing!

What an amazing world we stampers live in. Friends in far flung corners of the world connected by a little paper, ink, a small black cat..

You need to go to her incredible blog and see her beautiful stampy creations and her full sketchbook. I won't spoil the ending for you.. :)

Thank you Cindy - you squeezed our hearts!

So I hope all of you keep your bunnies safe from the cannibal bunny this week, and if the Sketchbook Project is coming to your town - go see it! The books are incredible!


  1. wow it looks like you have been super busy!!! How fun to get to go to that seminar and even more fun to see your great and SASSY Maddi cat in your friends sketchbook. I love your evil bunny and it does not scare me at all :)
    I hope you have a wonderful week.


  2. Lydia,

    Your Bunneh is way to cute, what a creative little gift that makes! Loving it! Sassy Maddie Rocks!!! Sassy Maddie is a verrrrryyyy handy dandy stamp to own, I know I love mine and keep her safe and sound for my many crafting needs. Hug the real Maddie for me, and Splotchy too!

    Hugs to you, Lisa

  3. That "cuddly" stuff is just an attempt at P.R. - Rabbits are evil - and Easter Season is the time we celebrate the annihilation of this evil rodent! Have no mercy - rabbits are morally bankrupt - Here in Milwaukee we just broke up an insider carrot trading ring - manipulating the market, they were! Off with their chocolate heads!

    WV hossest: They are hossest by demons!

  4. You have "squeezed" my heart by mentioning me, my sketchbook and my blog on YOUR wonderful blog. I am so honored. Maybe someday I'll meet the famous Maddie!

  5. So, Lydia, loved your whole cannibal bunnies post--cute and hilarious, and your chocolate bunny project is adorable! Think I'll have to make it.
    But, speaking of bunnies, I wanted you to know that my dust bunnies (I have exuberant ones, thanks to my incredibly fluffy--and shedding--four pomeranians) are still alive tonight. And it's all your fault. I just had to look up Cindy's blog, and read her whole sketchbook, which took a while.
    But I loved it and it made me happy, so thank you! And my dust bunnies thank you, too, because their lives are saved for another day. . . .

  6. Wow. Great project.

    I'm glad that you let the other bunnies go via the Underground Bunny Railroad. Otherwise, they would have had to sing "Let my bunny go" to you in glorious gospel harmony.

  7. I love your blog so very, Very, VERY MUCH!!! Your evil bunny story is freakin' hilarious!!! The project is great, too!
    Peace, Love & Joy,


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