Friday, March 18, 2011

Feral Children on Spring Break!

It's Spring Break week here, and thankfully, it's coming to a close. The entire city changes during spring break and you really have to watch out for the ferals.

I came home the other day from the grocery store to find a tiny feral on a bike in my driveway. I paused to let him get out of the driveway so I could get in. He moved an inch, maybe. That's how I knew he was feral.

I squeeze around him in the driveway, and he stares at me until I get out. He points at my neighbor's house and he says "Who is your neighbor?" I say "huh?" He says "What is their name - how well do you know them?"

At this point, I'm baffled and really am concerned that he has rabies. I say "Are you looking for someone?" He says "I think I had a sleepover there, but I can't remember." I say "No, honey, you didn't have a sleepover there - she lives alone." He says "Well how about the next house?"

At this point I understand why his poor, exhausted mother told him to get outside and not come back until school started back up on Monday. He may have even been beyond feral. I considered running or just throwing brownies at him.

Suddenly, he realizes he's on the wrong block, and just shoots off, yelling that he was in the wrong place and knew where he was now.

You know it's way past normal boredom when you randomly roam the streets looking for anyone you may ever have spent time with. I should have made him weed my flowerbeds.

Oh - speaking of flowerbeds - today's Free For All Friday challenge was called "How Does Your Garden Grow?" Since I wasn't thinking quickly enough to corral the feral, it's not growing all that great right now, but I have hope! I decided to make a bright, happy peony, inspired by my latest Martha Stewart magazine.

Stamps: Pretty Peony (retired), Tiny Tags Paper: Whisper White Ink: Poppy Parade
: Framed Tulips Embossing Folder, Slot Punch, Mistletoe Ribbon (retired), White Ribbon, MFT Doily Die, Jewelry Tag Punch

Sassy eh?

Almost enough to motivate me to weed my flowerbeds this weekend.


Stay away from the ferals and have a great weekend!


  1. Ugh. The ferals clog the lines at the local eateries during their breaks. They are mostly school-age, though, and there are no bicycles involved, though they do make my lunch break longer. Wait. Maybe that's a good thing ...

    WV: varophe

    A lesser-known Greek goddess.

  2. I didn't know that if we caught the ferals we could make them do our yardwork! Man, I could have been living with a golf-course quality lawn.

    Mine goes feral in a completely different way, attaching herself to her DS like it is a life-support system and only surfacing from her room for food or a trip to Sea World. While I have enjoyed not having to get up at the crack of cranky this week, I am looking forward to school starting up again on Monday!

    Gorgeous card, that is one of my favorite stamp sets of all times.

  3. You're so funny!! Never thought of them as ferals. Just thought of them as a royal pain in the butt. I hear ferals and I think cats. Loved your card.

  4. Poor kid... Maybe Mars needed his mom.... Only a Libra like me would consider the possible other side of the story...
    Love your card.... It makes me happy!

  5. Our ferals don't have spring break yet. That's next month. However, they have been especially rambunctious since the time change.

    They've been busy testing Darwin's Theory by street skeleton/luging head first down our street on their skateboards at dusk.

    Your card is pretty. I especially like the little tag.


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