Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh Hai

Oh hai.

I've been battling kitty hurricane brain this week.

The symptoms of hurricane brain are as follows:

  • Extreme howling
  • Eating like pigs
  • Randomly eating things like whole feathers, after running under the bed with said feather so that we can't extract feather prior to it being eaten
  • Trying to kill one's little kitteh self by jumping up and hitting one's furry face on the blinds and then walking around with one eye closed like a cat pirate for two days
  • Shooting off like a rocket from a complete sleeping state and bouncing around the house like a ping pong ball
  • Hurdling your sister while she's running around in the throes of hurricane brain
  • Jumping from the floor into an open cabinet full of glassware silently while your owner isn't looking so that when she turns around and sees you she screams and drops a coffee cup
  • Screamsqueaking at the window when you know we can't open it because we're getting 5 inches of rain an hour.
  • Screamsqueaking all night during the worst part of the storm and then collapsing, like on my card below, the second your servant's alarm goes off for work
This card was for the Starving Artistamps sketch this month, which, if you wanna play, might win you some stuff! Like, for example, the new Backlit Blooms - I LOVE these and just got my paws on them today, so stay tuned for pretties. they are gorgeous. I'll be using my Blended Pencil technique for SURE. I think I love the sentiments even more - they're big and bold and have a great font.

The background paper is Basic Grey's Basics White collection, which I adore!! Then I used my new Technique Tuesday Main Street alphabet and my Fiskar's Stamp Press together and I'm in LOVE! I'll be doing a tutorial on this later this month so you can see why.

The bad hurricane brained kitteh is from Here Kitty Kitty 1

The daisy is one of the Stampin' Up! Paper Daisies, colored with Copics, and accented with SU! Rhinestones.

The ribbon is from My Favorite Things, which came in my September VIP kit with that fabby notepaper die.

It's almost the weekend already! What the heck? These short weeks are strange...

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)
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  1. What a funny card this is, that cat is cute! I feel sorry for him, but he is cute, ha ha!

  2. LOL! Hope the weather changes quick before the kitties drive you nuts... thanks for the laugh. You brightened my day. Love the card also.

  3. How funny, Lydia! Never had a cat so I had no idea. I guess you could say my 2 parrots are bird brained, but that's kind of stating the obvious. One of them gets what we call "the spookies". He even scares himself and will fly around the room until he runs out of breath.

    Wish you were going to Cowtown next week. I'm going to Big D on the 16th and would have loved to see you. I'll be there until the 24th so if you happen to come back, let me know.

  4. Love this card and your kittehz story! I, too, have two kittehz with whacked out purrsonalities. TFS



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