Thursday, June 10, 2010

The White Food Telethon

I don't know if you're aware of this but there's a very serious illness afflicting many of your fellow citizens, regardless of your home country.

It's so tragic, I can hardly even type about it.


The symptoms are horrible. They include dislike of the following delicious items: mayonnaise, chicken fried steak gravy, ranch dressing, alfredo sauce and, in extreme cases, MASHED POTATOES!

I am familiar with this disease because my own brother in law is afflicted with it. He was not dropped on his head as a child, or forced to live in a cupboard under the stairs. The other family members appear normal, and consume white foods. One of my downline also has this disease.

There is no known cure. A fellow stamper, my friend Kim, and I were having coffee last week and we discussed this terrible affliction, from which her own OFFSPRING suffers, and we wondered why there isn't more awareness of it. We really think that it deserves a telethon. Perhaps sponsored by Hidden Valley and Duke's Mayonnaise. Let's stop the needless white food deprivation of a large percentage of our population. Let the white food averse people come out of the shadows. They deserve our support.

I made this card for today's Ways to Use It Challenge. It was BUTTERFLIES! You all love butterflies and probably have a squillion butterfly stamps, so play along! Link in a comment if you play. :)

Stamps: Artistic Etchings, All a Flutter, Elements of Style, Unity May Store Kit
Ink: Crumb Cake, Soft Sky, Basic Black Paper: Whisper White, Newsprint
Accessories: MFT scalloped scallop die, SU ribbon, Ellison stamp frame die, sponge, red gel pen, markers.

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  1. Wow! I love it. Gorgeous card!
    As far as the white food aversion, I am avoiding it by choice to lose weight, to date 75#, but it is by no means easy. Give me some mashed potatoes with white gravy, or a BLT with lots of mayo and I'm a happy girl, lol. I do try to make substitutes, but it's not the same. sigh..

  2. Ha! My middle son had a white food aversion when he was little - even we thought it was bizarre! He'd happily eat pink mashed pototoes or green grits but wouldn't even take a taste if they were left white. He has outgrown that disorder and at 9 years old is almost 5 feet tall so at least it didn't stunt his growth.

  3. Wow. None of that here at our house, but when my kids were younger there was a texture aversion thing that went on. Nothing could have lumps. Not yogurt, not applesauce..... It made things interesting. They still don't eat chunky peanut butter, LOL. - Theresa

    Word verification - unift - Lydia u nif t person!

  4. first things first! Beautiful card! and as you have seen what I look like you know that I don't have an aversion to white food or many foods of any kind!!! :)

    Just don't ask me to eat any of it without butter!


  5. I love this card almost more than I love sunshine. That's a LOT!!

    Next... I hate mashed potatoes. It's true. It's not a color thing for me, though. It's a consistency thing. It's like baby food! Ugh. X(

  6. Oh this one really caught my eye!! I love it!! Amazing!!


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