Sunday, June 27, 2010

One Million Giraffes

If you're a LOST fan (insert heavy dog sigh here...) then one of your most beloved lines on the show HAD to be "don't tell me what I can't do."

Well, here's one of my favorite "don't tell me what I can't do" efforts EVER - One Million Giraffes.

Apparently, Jorgen does not believe it's possible to collect a million handmade giraffes via the internet by the end of the year. I think Jorgen is wrong and that the owner of this fabby idea will win that bet.

This is one of the early people I started following on Twitter, because I was completely charmed by the idea. The blog is so sweet and such a great testament not just to creativity, but to the fact that people are endlessly looking for an outlet for their creativity - and if a giraffe project comes along, by God, people will make giraffes. Squeezes my heart, it does. (Disclaimer - I'm not responsible for you becoming addicted to that blog. )

So, since I'm a Penfessional, and I got some awesome Hybrid Technica pens, I thought to myself - "Self - why don't you draw a giraffe with your fancy pens?"

I did not let the fact that I can't draw stop me, either. :)

I picked these pens because the info on them says they're great for Manga, hence, Copics.

And SURE ENOUGH - they are spectacular with Copics - no smearing, quick drying perfection! Since they have a rollerball, they definitely have more precision than my much beloved Copic Multiliners. There's no fuzziness or bleeding at all. If I could draw, these would be my go to pens!

But I did my best to capture the essence of giraffeyness by drawing that glorious neck. I just crosshatched to make the spots. I stamped the word "Journey" and some numbers in Versamark and clear embossed before coloring with Copics and rubbing ink over the image, because that neck is a journey and a mathematical miracle.
So my little guy is now officially one in a million. Why don't you make one?

Have a great Sunday.

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  1. This is awesome Lydia! I knew you were uber talented, but this giraffe neck is really fantastic! Love the paper you used to draw it on too!

  2. "Because I can't draw."

    Snort. HaHa. BWAHAHAHAHA!

    Gorgeous giraffe the shading and coloring, it is simply beautiful. The ribbon...did you fancy that up or did you find some that already looked that way?

  3. How cool is this?!? Neat idea. So I guess stamps don't count, even though the site didn't specify that. Hmph.

    WV: phing
    Gimme dat phing!

  4. Lydia, thank you so much for introducing me to the million giraffes site!! I'd never heard of it. I grew up in Kenya, E. Africa, and have always adored giraffes. My students (primary grades) have given me quite a giraffe collection over the years! This whole idea, and the fabulous ideas from all over the world is just the coolest idea ever! The fact that I spent an hour on it today when I'm packing to move (horrible four-letter-words, "pack" "move"!) shows the fascination! Your neck is a beautiful addition.

  5. I just LOVE this site!!! Thank you SO MUCH for introducing it to us!!!! Fun!


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