Sunday, June 13, 2010

Delicate Flowers

If I lived in a climate that didn't destroy delicate flowers with the blazing heat of a thousand suns, I would fill my yard with blue hydrangeas.

I remember when I was little, my mom had some unusual flowers. We had this pale purple rosebush that produced these completely unforgettable roses. For some reason they were called silver roses. The color was beautiful, and also somewhat creepy because it was so different from all other roses. Truly unforgettable.

And, because our weather was a bit milder there, she had hydrangeas. she taught me the trick to make them blue, too, because after a while, they will all turn a pale greenish white if left alone. To make them blue, you need rust, believe it or not. So she would stick rusty nails in the dirt, and whaddaya know - they'd turn blue again.

Never underestimate what makes a color tick!

So I used a hydrangea for my swap for the Splitcoast North Texas Shoebox Swap in Dallas this weekend. It was the most incredibly fun, well organized and relaxing stamping event I've ever been to!

I made mine with all sneak peek items from the new catty :)
Stamps: Because I Care, Perfect Punches Ink: India Ink, Ballet Blue, Green Galore, Old Olive, Crumb Cake
Paper: Crumb Cake, Newsprint DSP
Accessories: White Gel Pen, flower, button, twine, Ballet Blue Ribbon, Scalloped Square die, dimensionals, Modern Label Punch

Hope you had a great lazy Sunday!!

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  1. Awww! You know your mama stuck those rusty nails in the dirt just cuz she loves you! Your LOVE of the color blue and all! :)

    Very cool card. Love the Newsprint with the Modern Label Punch.

    Wv- perians- sounds like the name of a blue perennial flower. Kyd you not!

  2. I cannot wait to sit and play with that did it some serious justice! My uncle used to have hydrangeas in Mississippi. He would put either a mild acid or a mild base on them to turn them blue and pink, respectively. I always remember loving that big "snowball bush" as I called it.

    Glad you had fun in Dallas...can't wait to see some of those beautiful swaps!

  3. GET OUT!! (chest shove à la Elaine Benisse) That card is absolutely gorgeous! And I concur on the shopping cart hook.


  4. Love this card--I can't wait to get my hands on this stamp set!

    If you makes you feel better, there are hydrangea all over the place here but they refuse to grow in my yard.

    If it makes you feel even more better (teehee), I can't spell hydrangea without a spell checker.

  5. yep! me, too. love your sweet, sweet flower.


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