Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who Lost Summer?

And by summer, I mean that season which normally starts in Texas in early February, and is accompanied by sunshine and warm weather. Who broke it??

Went for a stomp this morning. Mad. It was raining. It's always raining now. It's like freaking Blade Runner around here.

Luckily, I didn't quit. And I dreamed up this card. And as you can see - there was a spot of color or two. :) I used the A to Z stamp to make that texture on the ground. I thought it looked cool.
Stamps: Lovely as a Tree, A to Z Ink: Basic Grey, Vintage Violet, Bordering Blue
Paper: Watercolor Paper, Vintage Violet
Accessories: Aqua Painter, Basic Grey Ribbon

(All Supplies Stampin' Up!)

By the end, the sun was coming back. Hopefully to stay.

Now, some kitty candy, since everyone is always amazed at how inseparable the beasts are and I always post such sweet pictures of them. Well, there's a dark side. And I'm not just talking about Maddie.

My hulking desk is the worst decision I made when we moved into this house. It's a very nice piece of office furniture, and it was not cheap. But it's all attached together, and it's right up against the wall, so if something goes back there, it's not coming out till we move. Dumb.

It also creates a 4 inch space directly in front of where I stamp and between me and a window.

When the beasts are feeling particularly evil, they rush into my room, suffering from what I call "Crazy Brain", knock everything on my desk down into this void where I can't get it, and then proceed to whack the stuffing out of each other violently.

I had to capture this on film for you. You will notice at one point that Maddie Bat has a little punch out from a stamp set on her hiney. God knows what else is down there.

But I did want you to know that it's not all Peace & Love around here, people. Oh yeah, and that Splotchy fights like a girl. :) If you don't see a video player where you are reading right now, click here to view the following...

Hope it's not raining where you are.. :)

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  1. Splotchy and Maddie could team up and MAYBE take Karma. Karma would jump on their heads.

  2. Your card is really beautiful and such a work of art!

  3. Love the card! At least there is some sunshine out so you can get outside and recharge your batteries like WALL-E.

    I am so glad to see that Splotchy has started a production company. Please consider that I will bring some premium catnip and pom-poms to be an associate producer in this latest venture.

    Time to see if I can convince the hubby to go mow down all of the dandelions that are threatening to take over my yard. See you soon!

  4. This is a beautiful card Lydia!

    Can you make one to entice the summer to arrive here?

    Miss ya, hope we can get together soon?

  5. those Little scallywags ... oh..and about your Tejas Summer having gone missing...fear not...we have it here in Vancouver. Thanks for the loan...can we keep it until the fall? Thankyougoodbye

  6. Those kitties are way too cute! I can tell that they are just playing with each other. My kitty does that to me sometimes.


  7. Love the video and card! Yeah it's still raining here in Ohio! Yuck!

  8. Bwhahahahahaha!!! Love the kitty video! :) Do they make any noise when they fight? Webster would love to come and join in! He's a silent "fighter" and is the little pest around here. Poor Snickers (who's about 9) doesn't really know what to do with him, but he's starting to give it back to Webster.

    And no worries - it's not raining here. IT SNOWED 8" LAST NIGHT! Come on up to Michigan, you'll appreciate Texas even more!

  9. Your card is so beautiful!! I love everything you do, you know that. :)

    And the video?! HAHHAHAHHHAHAHAH!! Love your little teeny kittehs. How fun to watch them bop each other. So darn cute. xoxo

  10. I have a space like that too. It's a black hole, but perfect for kittehs. Each of mine found it when they first were brought into a household of older cats. Now that they're older, they like to sit near the edge and re-prove the Laws of Gravity and Entropy. Budding physicists, they are.

  11. Sweet foreground!

    Must I admit that I borrowed your Texas summer, and brought it out to N. AZ for a brief spring? Sorry... can have it back...
    ~ky (the Scrapacat)

  12. Lydia,

    The card is great, awesome background effect with the a-z stamp.

    Awesome kitty video, I finally got it to play, must have been the rain. Hehe. Poor Maddie looked cornered. They certainly are entertaining, gave me a giggle.


    Lisa Atha

  13. Love the card and the video. Our cat fights with us and the dog. Here in my part of VT we got 10 inches of heavy wet snow. I white knuckled it home from work last night.


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