Thursday, February 18, 2010

The REAL Scott Baio

As you know, Monday was President's Day.

I graduated from high school in.. well, that doesn't really matter, now does it, you nosy beasts! :D

But, um, the 80s were a great time in my life. The music was lighthearted and sweet, MTV was still music and not all p-o-r-n and politics (hey - that would make a great band name) and I just remember that decade fondly.

Ronald Reagan was larger than life to all us children of the 80s. A lifeguard, a man who looked a would be assassin in the eye, the guy who stared down the Russians our parents terrified us with when we were little, and oh yeah, the guy who knocked the Berlin Wall down. I actually thought Ronald Reagan was my grandfather on my mom's side, because they reminded me of each other in their mythic-ness.

So on President's day, my friend Kim was giving our American presidents props on Twitter and we started tagging our posts #teamreagan. At one point, we all wished out loud that Scott Baio - another 80's icon (for all you youngsters), would join #teamreagan for President's Day. We could reunite Journey, Charles in Charge, the version 1.0 of Madonna who actually used to eat and not scare us. It would be great. A couple of 80s girls can dream, right?

Over the course of the evening, we repeatedly asked Scott to join our team before midnight, and in a President's Day Miracle - HE DID.
Look at that second tweet! EEEEEEEEEEEKKK!!! We feel complete, the Twitter #teamreagan.

I went and looked at his profile, and found out that he and his wife have done an incredible thing, born from a difficult situation they faced with their beautiful daughter. Please go look at their foundation's site, and share it. What a nice guy.

After I came down from my 80's buzz, I saw this week's tutorial on Splitcoast for Scherenschnitte, or German scissor cutting. The card samples were beautiful! The tutorial gives you two options for creating silhouettes, cutting, or stamping and filling in.

I chose the coloring method, and since I had just completed a product review on the Creative Stamping kit of the month - I used the beautiful little bird stamp that was included to get this...

Stamps: Nature's Beauty(Creative Stamping) Paper: Kraft, Basic Black Ink: Basic Black
Accessories: Scallop Border Punch, Satin Ribbon, Basic Black Marker
All supplies Stampin' Up! except where noted

Now I feel like busting out some shoulder pads, poofing my hair and watching Charles in Charge. Click here and then tell me - who's with me?

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to a magnificent president, a wonderful time, and a super cool guy - Scott Baio. :) #TeamReagan!! :D


  2. Hey, saw you on twitter - I like your post!! I remember Reagan from the 80's as well. Wish we could go back!

  3. I have told my hubby almost daily since we were first married that Ronald Reagan will be remembered as one of the greatest American presidents. I miss that man!

    Super cool that Scott joined your team!

  4. Just found your blog so got my attention totally 80's chick here. Always wondered about Scott Baio such a heart-throb and so happy to hear he's normal...LOL As for our President Ronnie loved him, just went to his Museum not too long ago in Simi Valley if your from California take that drive and visit its so beautiful and the setting your forget how hot it gets in that city. Thanks for the song brought back so many fun memories....TEAM SCOTT AND RONNIE :)


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