Monday, February 15, 2010

Do I Have to Do Everything?

I mean, I will, but I'm kind of busy!! *sigh*

Here's the deal. Every time I go to the grocery store, I fear it will be my last moments spent on earth. This is because the parking is designed seemingly SPECIFICALLY to kill me and the assorted moms and babies that are there with me. Who came UP with this stupid arrangement where we have to walk BEHIND cars, most of which are very quiet, terrified, with our wills written in Sharpie on our arms? It makes NO sense. Here's what we have now. LOOK AT THE CARNAGE.

This is not a hard problem to solve.

I would spend 100% of my grocery dollars at a store that put little CURBED sidewalks in between the rows of cars, where we LIVE humans can frolic along, not picking license plate shards out of our teeth!

I assure you, grocery industry - I will spend MUCH more money as an ALIVE person.


Look what I've been making!Little tags to go as a free gift to my latest card customer. How cute are these images? This is the Picture This stamp set (Hostess Level 1 from the Occasions Mini), stamped on Kraft and colored. I used some retired Fancy Fibers to embellish. Hope she likes em! :)

What are you up to?

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  1. You are right, it seems you have to do everything indeed.
    Your idea is so simple and sweet, and there is no reason in the world why it has not long been used.
    Our parking lots here are the same as yours, btw, carnage all over the world.

  2. Cute tags!

    I think *some* of the walmarts have the sidewalks, but they always end when you get to the handicapped section of cars at the front of the rows... Which is not exactly the safest place to run out of sidewalk...I'm jussayin...

  3. my Kohl's has a parking lot like this, it's so much easier to drag the kids out shopping there than anywhere else

  4. And, don't forget those "____" people that don't look when the are backing up; is a PARKING lot, and people should not be walking in back of the cars...I see this all the time at Publix in Saint Petersburg...I agree with you whole up the blue prints and send them on...hahaha get it...BLUE prints...Liz

  5. Aaaaand we need to factor in the General Stupidity not only of people backing up without looking, but people who walk behind cars that are already moving in reverse. Happened to me when I was at the curb picking up my groceries. I put my car into reverse to leave, and a crazy ME-ME-ME person stepped off the curb BEHIND MY MOVING VEHICLE and proceeded to yell at me about her right-of-way. STOOOPID.

    WV: catfly. No idea how to use this in a sentence, but it's a cool WV all the same!

  6. super cute tags!!

    I hate driving, but I think I actually hate parking (lots) more, if that is possible. Love your diagram - it's so true, even here...

  7. Again, another perfect observation on life. And, once you survive the parking lot gauntlet, you still have the people who HAVENOCONCEPTOFPERSONALSPACE within the store. Seriously, when I can tell what brand deodorant you are wearing as you reach over my head for a box of cereal, it is just too much.

    On the upside: SUPER CUTE TAGS!!! Love them, and truly love that cute little stamp set that I have to wrestle away from Little Miss because she loves it too.

    Let me know when some smart grocer designs your parking lot, I will be shopping there with you.

  8. You must have been with us in spirit on Saturday night. We live in MD, above Baltimore. We have lots and lots of snow. We also have a 3 week old baby and a 6 year old. We were at Target, we were hungry and decided to get takeout from Panera. We've been doing the takeout thing because we don't really get excited about the idea of tackling the meal as a new family of 4 in public. Anyway, hubby went to cross the parking lot and noticed that the car coming at him did not have her lights on. He tried to be a nice guy and get her attention but she was so distracted by her Blackberry that she never noticed. I asked him what he did and his answer was get out of the way. The little diagram with the cars going back and forth at all these goofy angles, exactly what we were sitting in. Just draw in some ice and mountains of snow everywhere and you've drawn the potential accident scene. I'm a nice person but when things like that happen, I want to have a long stick that I can use to smack the people who are endangering my loved ones with!

  9. Ha, my word verification was "swerring" which is close enough to swearing to make me giggle. Cause swearing is what I'm usually doing when I have to trek through a parking lot!

  10. I love your parking idea! Your tags are super cute as well!!!

  11. OMG these tags are to-die-for. You do know that in Chicago, those midway sidewalks would just be snow mountains half the year, right? I have learned to over-buy during good weather so we can stay safe during snow season and just eat from the pantry. Until we are desperate for fresh vegetables, anyway.

  12. OMGosh! Well, if the economy would improve like really fast, I could work in the Architectural industry again and then I could suggest your parking lot idea, and start a much needed trend! There, that would solve two problems: me back to work, many others alive to spend more more money on groceries. Ok, I think that was three things solved. Lydia, together we could solve all the problems of this country! How cool would that be to have a woman President and a woman Vice President at the same time? OOO, I have stumbled upon something! You would be president of course, I sure don't want that job. OMG I am on a roll tonight! Step aside Hillary and Sarah, Lydia and Lisa are running instead. Maddie, Splotchy and Mittens would love living in the White House!

    Oh, by the way, awesomely pretty tags you made!


    Lisa Atha

  13. You are so right about the grocery store parking.

    It's frightening.

    I like your idea for parking much better.

    And those tags are super cute.


  14. Totally loving your tags.

    As for the parking lot - well, I am passing your design on to dh who is on our local zoning board. Maybe, just maybe ...
    We have one parking lot that is an alternate route for folks who opt against using main roads. I white knuckle every trip there, even without eejits on cell phones behind the wheel of their mongo SUVs.

    And OMG I am not the only person who 'sees' messages in the wv's. We need to meet irl. :-)

  15. I don't read US magazine or use teeth whiteners, but sometimes when I come out of the store, and I'm busy avoiding SUVs as I head down a lane, I find I'm in the wrong lane, and I have to cross over halfway down. If there were sidewalks and curbs and kittens, I'm afraid I would have to lift my cart onto the sidewalk, check to make sure I'm heading into the correct lane-of-SUVs, and then drop my cart back down off the sidewalk. Not so good for eggs or my knees. So maybe those sidewalks could be curbless, please? Just for those of us who forget which lane our cars are in?

  16. hahaha I have really enjoyed reading your blog and really like your parking lot layout! Especially funny about the lady updating her status and tooth whitener...that being said...whenever I see that owl sentiment I always think it says "Thanks for WHOOO you do" because owls say whoooo...It always takes me a minute to realize that it's supposed to be owl you do! HA! HA! Just thought I would share! :)


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