Friday, December 28, 2012

I Hereby Resolve...

I resolve to CRAFT MORE in 2013.

2012 got away from me. In a HUGE way. It was a very busy year at work, and I felt physically unorganized in my space, which I'm slowly fixing. That, more than anything else, keeps me from spontaneous crafting and playing in challenges.

So here I am in front of God, Grumpy Cat and everyone saying that I won't let that happen in lucky 13.

I actually started today.

I did something I've SO wanted to do for so long - Trudy's Eggshell Mosaic technique. It's so beautiful and vivid and I eat a lot of eggs, so it's sort of the perfect craft storm.

I will say - you need to have patience cleaning the eggs. It's not a Cinderella moment that goes quickly with the help of bluebirds - but it's SO worth it!

I created this little panel for an exhibit for the Austin Fiber Artists Challenge Group - our challenge was to create ANYTHING that had a little dash of indigo in it.

Hello - have you met me?

But before I put it in its final home for the exhibit, I had to see what it looked like on a card!

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That awesome greeting is from Feel Goods - which you should see in your Spring Mini by now. I LOVE that set. Holla if you NEED it. :)

The panel contains three things I love: blue, orange, and a signature - the one shell I left white, in the Navajo "flaw" style that lets the bad spirits out of your art. I've always been fascinated by that, since humans aren't perfect - and neither is our art.

The Navajos believe in the Greek maxim "Nothing to excess " believing that overdoing a thing brings bad luck as an offense to the spirits. For the same reason nothing must be too perfect. A rug or basket design with a solid border must have a break in it or flaw to let the spirit of the maker, who has spent so much time and energy, escape. It is natural that things which bring one a livelihood should also have some restrictions.  (Source)

So I composed the mosaic on Basic Black cardstock with white eggshells and gloss Mod Podge.  Then after the Mod Podge was dry, I dropped Sail Boat Blue and Terra Cotta Adirondack Alcohol Inks where I wanted them. Be cautious - the ink travels, and you'll get used to how far it will go without getting muddy.

After that dried, I spritzed it with Gold Glow Smooch Spritz - my fave spray ever - and sealed it with more Mod Podge.

OH - and the most important step. Before doing any of this, I glued the Basic Black panel to a piece of SU chipboard that comes with our Designer Series Papers - this kept the piece from warping while I was applying all the wet mediums to it - it was perfectly straight the whole time.

For the final exhibit piece, I constructed a frame using black chopsticks - remember my chopstick book? - and black twine. Then I wrapped that with a piece of black waffle paper and attached the mosaic.

If I get a pic of all of our pieces put together - they'll all be mounted to a big strip of fabric - I'll share it with you!

But now, in the spirit of this week's Ways To Use It challenge that inspired me - tell me what YOU hereby resolve!



  1. Stunning as a card, but I love love love it as a wall hanging!
    Too cool that you left a piece of shell white and explained the meaning behind it.
    Happy that you tried my technique.
    You ROCKED it! :)

    True :D

  2. Beautiful Lydia!! I cleaned some egg shells just after the tutorial was posted, sad I haven't used them yet, thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! Especially on the black.

  4. love it!! Like the mosaic.


  5. What do I love? Besides your piece of art here? I love that it's a good thing for art to be not perfect. I ALWAYS have a flaw in my work. I'm consistent that way. Every piece of cross-stitch I've ever done has at least one mistake. And my cards? Pffth, too easy to mess that up. I must be part Navajo.

  6. I hereby have Google Reader actually open with the various other tabs, so that it doesn't take me till Sunday to click on it and find this as a "recent" post! Wishing you happiness and fun with your resolution. Laughing at Cinderella and the bluebirds, I'm looking for some just now. I love those colours together, the blue and orange just sing in harmony.
    Happy New Year - and thank you for the beautiful whiteness on my mantelpiece :D.

  7. me too. ME TOO! The crafty space clearing up & the more crafting in 2013. In a big way. I also hearby resolve to learn how to use the new nikon that the Hubby bought me (and stop being mean to it because it is not a Canon) ;-) I love your exhibition piece and how it looks on a card. Gold smooch spritz sounds like a must try. You are a constant inspiration. Thank You. And Happy New Year! oxox


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