Friday, May 3, 2024

Tropical Vibes From Our Rainy Season...

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It will NOT stop raining!! I just want to weed my flowerbeds and it's too nasty out. This morning I got up and my poor little wet squirrels were all waiting for me like in a cafeteria line poor critters. One of them is Monkey's baby - she is Clarence's tiniest baby - and he is even tinier so he's just learning to forage and it's hard with all these storms. He's figured out pretty quickly that I mean food though so he'll be okay until the sun comes up. 

So I thought I'd just roll with it and do a tropical theme today. 

I did my Blackout Embossing technique with a dark grey ink pad over these embossed leaves - it looks very dark and jungly, so I made my little birds brighter with OLO markers. I felt like if I didn't leave the branch white it would get lost on that darker background and I like the way that turned out! The sentiment is from this set.

I used the same set from the sentiment to make a brighter, cleaner bird card with this embossing folder that I know is impossible to really see and I'm sorry! 😂

For the last card, I decided to make it in a Peter Max style - I used to have these awesome Peter Max coloring books as a kid I've referenced a few times, and that is what the style of this image reminded me of and the stencil just brought it home. The stencil is a layering one - so on the second one I just made the same ink darker.

A little white gel pen did the trick!

After I die cut it, I colored the white edges black for a little extra pop.

What are your weekend plans? I have to do indoorsy stuff I guess! There's always a closet to purge, right?

I've said this on Facebook, but not here - you HAVE to watch Will Trent. 


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