Saturday, May 4, 2024

Strawberry Cake Nostalgia - Hero Arts Sneak Kit Peek!

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There was a HUGE debate a few months ago online about yellow cake vs. other cakes, and I was surprised at how strong people's feelings were about this topic! It got quite heated. 

I'm not generally a cake person - pumpkin pie is my jam - but the whole debate jolted loose a memory for me of a cake my childhood friend's mom made once - it was Duncan Hines I think - some mix - but it was literally the first pink cake I ever saw in my life and I was enchanted. It was strawberry, I think. 

She made it with chocolate frosting, because no matter the cake, he loved chocolate frosting. The cake was a delight and my inspiration today with the new Hero Arts kit - a birthday theme

I decided to go a little vintage with the main image and do no-line watercolor over a shaker - the sequins are included in the kit. HINT - the liquid watercolor I used is a little Easter egg for what's in the kit, but of course I'm sworn to secrecy. So come back on Monday.

Head over to the Hero Blog today for more peeks and enjoy your weekend - even if you like yellow cake! 

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  1. Love the cute little slice of cake! I like yellow cake and pumpkin pie:)

  2. So fun, and I'm excited to find out more about the watercolor!

  3. Adorable pink shaker card, Lydia. Agreed... cake is not my favorite, but strawberry sounds good!

  4. I love shaker cards and yours is so pretty. Thanks for the hints - really looking forward to the full reveal!

  5. Looks yummy! I always loved pink anything. When I was little, I always requested a cherry chip flavored cake (pink with darker pink specks in it)! It too was a box mix. Hmm, I'm getting hungry! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’d like to take another bite out of that cake!

  7. Love the shaker element, and the colors you chose.

  8. Such a cute shaker- love the skinny layered cake

  9. I love yellow cake and pumpkin pie 🥧 and your beautiful cake card.


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