Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Reimagining Shape Dies

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I'm SO glad squirrels are experiencing a stamping renaissance for obvious reasons. :)

I have so many different styles of little squirrels now - I could happily make years worth of squirrel cards.

But today I wanted to give you a couple tips on dies.

I'm not very good at figuring out dies on my own by looking at the actual die. I have to cut them out and look at the pieces, and even then I don't always figure it out without instructions.

But what that means, is that I often find a different use for dies through my own inability to see them right 😆.

Today's card is a perfect example of that. 

I saw the little dies that you can make into rocks, and I combined them with one of the tree dies to make what I thought was the perfect mushroom!!!

I stamped the little squirrel and fussy cut him to perch on top. The stem of the mushroom is ink blended, and so is the mushroom cap, and I used a paint pen for the dots. The squirrels are OLO marker, enhanced with colored pencils. 

I ink blended the card base after cutting these little clouds out of masking paper. Then I took pieces of green cardstock and I used these grass dies to cut them in half - then I used BOTH halves (my fave trick with border dies) to layer them up for texture on the bottom.

So all in all a super simple card, but lots of texture and color. 

But most importantly - a squirrel. My great great grandsquirrel Tailette has babies. She stopped by, starving today, and her face and paws were all black - I don't know why my squirrels do this - but they go get the GREEN pecans that are not ripe out of our tree  - they have a sticky green, bitter hull, and the pecans inside are inedible, and they peel this away - get the sticky stuff all over them - bite into the unripe pecans and then discard them. Not sure why they don't learn - but anyway it turns their faces and paws black.

I can't make my squirrels smarter! I've tried.

Anyway - I have  a crazy week this week. I will probably be quiet, but I have a fun video coming Thursday.


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  1. Love hearing your stories about your squirrels. We have no trees that produce enough nuts for squirrels so have to make do with chipmunks. (which we feed sunflower seeds to) Love watching them all the time. Love your mushroom/tree-squirrel card. Who knows the black on their paws and faces may keep certain bugs away... There is a reason, we just don't know it yet.


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