Sunday, September 3, 2023

Highlighting Dry Embossing in Seconds!

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I feel like there was a little while where embossing folders had a little lull in popularity, and in my opinion, they are back in a big way. 3D embossing folders, oversized embossing folders, and then even embossing dies. 

I have two fall embossing folders - well no - I have tons haha - but I have two I wanted to show you that look SO different with exactly the same super quick process - just brayering them with ink or paint. 

I started with this beautiful mushroom 3D embossing folder. What you need to realize with 3D embossing folders is that you will only be highlighting the most prominent features, and not the lower features, and so this gives the finished result an abstract look that I adore. For that reason, I really like black for this technique. 

I loaded up a brayer with this black ink, which works best for this technique. Other dye inks that don't have this thicker ink won't work as well. The key to making this look good is to go over it as few times as possible, which is why the ink matters. Black paint will also work well - just be sure you have a thin, even layer on the brayer. 

Then just roll over the convex side of an embossed piece of cardstock with it, and just a few passes. You'll be left with this stunning result!! I used my OLO Markers and palette blending on these die cut leaves to separate my letterpress greeting from the background. I think it's so striking and fun. 

But to show you how very different this technique can look, I used this regular 2D embossing folder to emboss an ink smooshed  panel. Then I brayered a thing layer of white paint onto that - and you can see how it highlights the whole design - because 2D folders have a consistent height for the entire design. 

I finished it with this set and have you seen these knobbly gems? They look like costume jewelry to me, so I hoard them a bit. But I thought they looked perfect here. 

I almost hate to jinx us, but we are feeling a change in the weather. I wouldn't call it fall in the sense you might know it, but it's definitely less nuclear than it has been. So it feels right to make fall cards. 

And if you want to see a quick video of my ghost door hanging, here you go. I used a fun tutorial from @The Navage Patch -DIY & Crafts for a ghostie! Sixty days till #halloween y’all #diy #fyp #spooky #ghosts #hotglue ♬ Ghost - Confetti

PS - I have a podcast update. Stitcher is officially gone now (sobs), so none of my podcast links will work anymore, so I've removed my list from the blog. The full list of all my curated true crime, cooking and other podcasts is now on Patreon, and I've relinked them to Spotify. These are hundreds of podcasts I've listened to and personally recommend. I've gone above just a list, and categorized them as follows:

  • Single story deep dives
  • Single case per episode
  • Cons/scams/cults
  • Funny/uplifting
  • Sleep podcasts
  • Food
  • Science/Medicine/Technology
  • Fiction

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