Friday, July 1, 2022

You Tickle Me Pink

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Happy Friday! Oh my goodness it's been a week! We did get a little break from the heat thanks to that small tropical storm in the gulf, and my garden and I are happy about that! I was so excited to find gardening sleeves this week! I have such sensitive, Irish skin - every time I garden or even touch cardboard boxes with my forearms, I get hives. I was able to weed for an hour this week with no issues, and they are not hot! 

I was able to get ahead a bit on Dare to Get Dirty as well! This year is our 15 year anniversary which is super exciting. This event is a Fan Club membership event, meaning only Fan Club members could see the challenges, but this year for our anniversary, we are opening the challenge up to non-members, so everyone can get a glimpse at the magic of this annual event. I'm extra excited this year, as it's normally my favorite time of year on the site. So if you want to have a little fun with 43 inspiring creativity prompts, this is the event for you!

And after our long holiday weekend of grilling, watermelon and early morning gardening, we have the new Hero Arts Kit to look forward to. I will have a HILARIOUS video for you on Tuesday in which my crafty mistakes basically unfold like a horror movie right before your eyes. I make mistakes so you don't have to!

But today, I have a peek of the flamazing July kit with layering flamingos. I decided to do a sunset edition, so I stamped them in black and white over an ink blended background. You'll see OH SO MANY other examples on Tuesday. Until then, have a very safe and happy Independence Day! 


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  1. Very intense! That background is perfect to set off the silhouettes.

  2. ohhh I am looking forward now to that Hero kit! Nice card!

    I got those sleeves and wont use them. My gardening partner gave them to me-she got me a large and they are too tight! (elastic band by the elbow) Like everyone, my forearms are by far the thinnest thing on me and really are not big at all...but aside from that...I had to pull out a ton of chamomile that had gone berserk. Every year one plant/weed does that. They put off small pricklies and my arms looked like porcupines at the end. Of course it irritated my skin as well. I had to spend some time picking them back out. I am giving them back. So just a heads up. Mine don't have the hand part yours does. That's cool.

  3. Lovely, bright card! Fabulous color choices!

  4. Your background with the silhouette effect for the flamingos is gorgeous. I hope I can get this kit, but I'm raiding my stash to try to create this blended background with a single flamingo.

  5. How clever to create the birds in sunset to let the background shine!

  6. Your sunset background is beautiful with the black and white flamingos. Thanks for sharing!

  7. The reverse treatment you used for the flamingos is brilliant!

  8. I love the colors on this card. The blending is beautiful and I love the flamingo color. Thanks for the inspiration.


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