Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Water Lilies: Plants vs. Zombies

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Do you play Plants vs. Zombies? I don't play much anymore, but it's a great game, and a fun way to be mindless if you're stressed out. 

I remembered while I was masking and stamping these stunning water lilies, that in the game, they are true to what they are named for in Greek mythology - nymphs. The botanical name is nymphaea. Like mermaids, these were beautiful, but deadly water spirits that could pull you under the water to your death, as they were the appointed protectors of the ponds they live in. 

As usual, when you break these cautionary tales down to their essence, there's a lesson in there. Water lilies grow in ponds with thick mud, which can indeed trap a person and drown them. 

It's probably a good idea to leave these beauties, like most of nature, undisturbed! I'll make an exception for poison ivy and scorpions, of course.

In our town's botanical garden there are STUNNING water lily ponds, and not far from my house there's a natural spring that makes itself known if the weather conditions are right, and a little low area fills up with water, water lilies, and buzzes with dragonflies. 

For that reason, I ALMOST added a dragonfly to this card, but when I finished masking and stamping three images from this beautiful set, I decided to let them enjoy the spotlight. They do have matching dies - but since I collaged them, I fussy cut.

In the background, I used a brayer cleaning sheet and used the Fizzy stencil with sparkle Hero paste for a bubble feeling - you'll see it better in the closeup - but it's so pretty in real life. The sentiment is from the same set.

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See how fun the sparkly bubbles are? I colored the whole thing with OLO Markers.

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  1. I think awhile back (not sure if you're old enough) there was a newsie thing on Saturdays that said something like "The more you know, the more you grow". I think of that every time I read your blog. Recipes, plants, and oh yeah, papercrafting! Thanks... Mischelle


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