Thursday, October 15, 2020

VIDEO: The Plant Clock Concept + Gel Press Hope Ribbon Printing

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I heard a promo for a plant podcast the other day, and what they said stopped me in my tracks.

I have added a lot to my garden this year and made a lot of changes - it has taken the place of the things that I used to leave my house to do - all the traveling time, vacations, etc. - I've spent nearly all of that time on my plants.

A lot of my friends have too - even people who are very new to gardening. And the observation by this podcast was absolutely fascinating. They said that the reason this is so fascinating right now is because plants mark the passage of time in a visual way. SO TRUE. And in a year where all other temporal markers have been erased - trips, holiday get togethers, birthday parties - plants are proof that time goes on, in its normal linear fashion, despite all of our feelings to the contrary.

It reminded me of a study that was done at my alma mater on the different ways that men and women navigate (with exceptions of course - I am an exception because my dad taught me to navigate via compass basically as a toddler). We had these tunnels under all the buildings at my university because it was in such a frighteningly cold place - and we used these (steam) tunnels to get to classes all winter. The school let us graffiti the heck out of them too, so they were colorful, if a bit creepy - and stiflingly hot. 

I was a part of several experiments by our psych department, but missed this one. They cleared out the tunnels and they put men and women in them and gave them certain destinations and then questioned them about how they got there. What they found is that men primarily navigate via orientation - typically compass direction - and women primarily navigate via visual landmarks. How do you navigate? I'm a compass girl all the way - I grew up on a prairie landscape, so that does you zero good in the landmark department - you need to know where the sun is if you're on a flat, somewhat barren vista. 

But this comment about visual timekeeping via the garden made me think of that study - because it's very hard to shift from one method to another. And that's what we've had to do with the calendar this year. So, so interesting. 

Anyway - I have some cool info for you today. Gel Press has an amazing new plate - an awareness ribbon - that's PERFECTLY sized for cards! So I have a few cards and a video for you - some mixed media prints with this super unique plate. All of my cards feature this stamp set, which benefits breast cancer research. All prints were made with Golden Open acrylics and Ranger alcohol inks

The second one I kept super clean - and in a rainbow style it can be an awareness ribbon for any cause you like. The sentiment echoes that.

On this last card - I loved the distressed look of the print, so I stamped the sentiment, and was about to re-stamp it because it wasn't totally inked and then I thought about it and thought it matched the overall style, so I left it! 

Want to watch the video? Click here if you don't see a player below.

Here are all the supplies I used today.

Awareness Ribbon
[ GLP ]
Courage Stamp & Die Set (Fundraiser...
[ ELH ]
Golden Open Acrylics and Sets
[ BLIC ]
Ranger Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks | BLICK...
[ BLIC ]
White and Ivory A2 Discount Card...
[ CTC ] : Hammermill 102467 Copy...
[ SSS | BLIC ]
MISTI Stamping Tool
[ MSP | SSS | ELH | MFT ]
Absorber - Synthetic Cleaning Cloth
Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer...

What are you up to this weekend? I'm prepping for one virtual retreat and doing some SUPER fun design work that you'll see Monday. I'm starting to feel the holiday spirit descend! :) It will be a weird, different holiday, but it will still be a holiday!


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  1. I so wish I was a compass girl, I am horrible at navigation. I'm landmark and it has its limits. It's always better with a co-pilot.


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