Wednesday, December 4, 2019

My Battle With an Unlikely Foe

I can be stubborn.

And while I'm a financially conservative person, I'm not a cheap person. I believe that you get what you pay for, and there aren't too many things in my life I want cheap versions of. I read a great little quote a while back about how poor people can't afford cheap things (I'm unable to find the original quote - let me know if you know the source), and that's quite true. You can't buy something eight times if you have a limited amount of money. You need to buy the right one one time. I really apply that to everything. If I can't afford the nicest thing in a particular category - I don't buy that thing. I wait until I can.

But I've been having a little war with myself over something really stupid.


I like a particular kind of soft solid deodorant. It's completely unscented and made for sensitive skin. I buy this kind maybe six at a time - one for my suitcase and a few for the house. Because it's a soft solid, it doesn't last as long as the regular solid, which is what started the war. I hate the regular solid in the same brand. I just hate it. And it's not truly unscented, which makes me stabby. The whole POINT of deodorant is that you don't want a smell in your armpits. I certainly don't need them to smell like jasmine or surf or whatever the heck these weirdos at deodorant companies come up with at the water cooler.

But my Instacart driver brought the solid by accident once. And when I got down to my last of the semi solid I glared at this wretched thing and decided I should use it instead of just throwing it away. Every day I curse at this thing under my breath as I grudgingly put it on. It's awful. But I can't make myself throw it away, even though it's just a few dollars.

The worst part is - it's lasting at LEAST ten times as long as my preferred one, and I'm not even halfway through with it.

Such a dumb war, but it is what it is. We are our own worst, bullheaded enemies sometimes. Or at least I am.

So check back with me in ten years to see if that darn thing has been used up.

In the meantime, how about a simple, vintagey Christmas card?

I'm one of those people who love the look of vintage cards, but struggle with them because I like clean, white space. But every now and then I can get into a vintage groove.

Black is underused in papercrafting in my opinion. It adds so much gravity to cards - I love it.

I decided to start this card with black cardstock, that I embossed with a gorgeous 3D embossing folder in my Gemini Jr. I love deep etched embossing. This folder has so much texture, I thought I'd bring that out with my gold metallic ink. I just put some on a dry baby wipe (I leave one container of baby wipes open so I have a little package of dry, reusable towels - they last a million times longer than paper towels) and rubbed it gently across the raised design. It gave it a very cool, aged look.

Then I just die cut the Happy Holidays sentiment with no-shed silver glitter paper and glued it down.
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[ CRF ]
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So what stupid battle are you having with yourself right now? I'd love to hear the story in the comments!

By the way - I made these carrots this week and they're divine. My friend Lisa Stein pointed me to this winner of a recipe.  



  1. Lydia, your card is stunning - such a nice texture. If I'm not mistaken, the sentiment "Poor People Can't Afford Cheap Things" is a Finnish saying. And yes, it's definitely true. Now about your deodorant... LOL! I think I'd pitch it. ;)

  2. I have these internal wars all the time. I've now come to a decision - weigh whether it's worth the anger, if not then toss it or give it away if it's an item you can give away. In the end it's just added stress and in this case it sets off your anger bright and early in the morning which could set the tone for the whole day. Not worth it in my honest opinion. Toss it - tomorrow morning, you'll be so much happier :-) Like you said it's only a couple of bucks and it's not worth the anger and the stress. You card is lovely and the black does add that extra special touch. Wishing you a wonderfully happy day. Toss it!!! :-)

  3. I have an allergic reaction to perfumed
    deodorant. After I finally figured this
    out I started using an
    unscented deodorant from a home-sales
    company. I buy them a dozen at a time
    so now my problem is remembering who
    my dealer is since there is a long
    time between orders. Life is never
    simple. Hope your deodorant either
    runs out soon or you become more
    comfortable with it. Take care

  4. That's the Concorde Effect, or Sunk Cost fallacy. It is strong with me, I wish it wasn't. Even if it doesn't bring me "joy" I have a hard time getting rid of it, like when I order 2 of something accidentally, grrr. I agree, you get what you pay for, and I will save up for the good stuff. I am curious what deodorant you use, mine is scented, but it's a real scent, not "fragrance". I have a solid I hit with the blow dryer to soften before applying. Anyway!! Your card is very cool looking.

  5. Lydia - I NEED to know what deodorant you use because you described my idea of perfect!

  6. I love everything about this card. You are right - black is underused.

    And how about I buy you your favorite deoderant and you send me the stabby one? Gift exchange. I'd so much rather have your armpits happy, dear one.

  7. Totally enjoyed this post! If you left the deodorant open, in a closet, could it act as an air freshner instead, LOL?

  8. OK, I totally understand not wanting to throw away the deodorant, I wouldn't be able to do that, either. BUT you could have donated it to a shelter for homeless or for abused women and you and they would all be much happier. (Just a suggestion, offered in a gentle way, hopefully not coming across through the impersonal web in any unpleasant way)


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