Tuesday, December 17, 2019

A10 Money Holder Holiday Cards + The Best Gadget EVER

So my brother in law commissioned some holiday cards for me. He loves to give cash to his nephews and nieces, so he needed larger cards, and asked me if I could make six of them - two for Hanukkah and four for Christmas.

It was cool to do something that was just for fun, and in a size I don't normally work with.

I don't know what everyone else does for A10 or "slimline" cards, but I cut them so that they are 9.25" x 3.75" when folded, so you cut the paper to 9.25 x 7.5. I did a little poll on Stamp Junkies, and it seems like lots of different terms and sizes exist for this type of card. I've been stamping a longggg time and have never heard a commonly accepted term, so now's our chance! I hesitate to make that A10 because those paper sizes are so different in Europe than what cardmakers here use.

ANYWAY - come up with a cute name and let's make it happen!

So for the Hannukah cards I was inspired by a post in Stamp Junkies by Adam Karle. He used strips of cardstock for a blue striped Hanukkah card and it was gorgeous! I decided to do my take with Life Changing Blender Brushes, Post-It tape and create an abstract menorah. That's why there are 9 blue stripes and the rest is white. I just randomly taped off areas and used Sea Glass, Blue Raspberry and Blue Denim ink with the brushes to create the abstract candles. I used the no-shed glitter paper, the happy die and the Hanukkah from this sentiment only set to finish the card. 
 For the second one, I just used a different glitter paper for the greeting.
 I've had this hilarious set of Santas for MONTHS and just now had a chance to use it. For the rest of the cards I also had a common element - snowy hills. I hand cut them from masking paper and used Life Changing Blender Brushes and Sea Glass ink for the skies for the next four cards. I stamped and die cut my crazy Santa, and made some Copic shadows for his skis before gluing him down. Then I stamped the sentiment from the same set on the hills.
 The next card features the adorable deer from On a Christmas Walk, and the sentiment is from the same set. I gave him a little shadow too. I reused the same mask.
 The tiny Merry Christmas here is the same one from the other day, and I just made the adorable birdies from this set opposite colors.
All the envelopes got the same treatment - I used this stencil (10% off all stencils there with code LydiaFan10) and brushed Sea Glass over almost half of them, because there's nothing more boring than a white A10 envelope, right?

The last card features the sweet bunny from this set, and the sentiment from this set. Stay tuned below for supplies and the COOLEST home gadget I've ever owned, which you might think is the most boring thing in the world, but it's not, I promise.

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So you ready for the coolest version of the most mundane gadget ever?

At my fall retreat, I went to get a paper towel and as soon as I grabbed it, my life changed forever. YES, I AM BEING DRAMATIC.

I HATE my paper towel holders. I have two of them. One had that little stick thing that's supposed to hold the towels flush, but it was too tight, so when you grabbed the paper towel the whole holder came flying off the counter with it and you STILL didn't get a paper towel.

The other one that works has a stupid thing on top that takes 45 minutes to unscrew every time you want a towel.

So when I went to get the paper towel, I heard a clicking sound - there's a RATCHETY thing inside, and that means you can get paper towels off this thing with ONE HAND. The roll doesn't spin loose on the base, the ratchet just responds to you pulling, whether you want a half towel or a full towel and it's MAGICAL. So in the midst of all that beautiful art, I was the one in the corner, surreptitiously taking photos of a paper towel holder.

It's not cheap, but I've suffered long enough with the cheap ones.

So Merry Christmas to me - I have two now! It's 100% perfect for your art room because you can grab it one handed when you're covered with paint and not get the whole roll all messy which I inevitably do! You can get them here on Amazon in time for Christmas. I love this thing so freaking much. I'll add it to my favorite things list (if you're on mobile, hit the menu to see that page) as well. 

I guess I'm "get excited over a paper towel holder" years old today!



  1. YAY!!! thanks for the link to the paper towel holder..MIL gift found thanks to you!!!!

  2. Oh, I am so there with you, Lydia! I discovered this gem at a beach house rental and got one for home and NEVER WILL GO BACK! Thanks for your great posts!

  3. Love these money holders (who doesn't love money) and the gorgeous blues. Such beauties!

  4. These are cute. I cant get the link to Adam's card to work-it just goes TJ site in general
    Small suggestion from making these in the past (I just used some old ones and it became obvious again) have a small fold the money sits in. Easiest with a top fold card. Mine aggravated it being a side fold. But they are also money holder size which is smaller.

    I am always up for a good towel holder. I have a marble one in the kitchen so it is heavy enough it wont move but I noticed something weird-it may be because I am left handed, but it feeds WAY better from the left than the right for me. I just have a roll bouncing around in my craft space. I dont have real estate for a holder but I saved this in case I ever do! :)

  5. The struggle is REAL!! I switched ours out about 6 months ago. It really is the simple joys in life. Hubby always says I would be happy sorting a box of colored rocks.


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