Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Wraparound Cards Made Easy

The other night I actually wrote out about 20 cards during TV time. It's been too long since I've done that. Here's what I did - I grabbed my most recent stack of cards I've blogged and plopped on the couch.

I looked at each card and thought of who that card would be perfect for. Like - she likes flowers, or he likes snarky cards, and just wrote out a card to that person. No particular reason.

I used to keep a log of the cards I sent in a little journal in my office, but I have transitioned to Google Drive. I am terrible about sending either NO birthday card to someone, or sending two because I forgot I already sent one. Not the worst outcome, really, but kind of embarrassing.

I'm bringing you my last Dare to Get Dirty card today. That's the other thing I love about those challenges - they give me months of blog posts!

My partner in crime, Dina, had a fun challenge to kick off the first day - and I honestly don't think in the 15 years of this event that we've have a challenge like this!

She asked us to make wraparound cards - where the design on the front carries over to the back. To me, it reminds me of my fun days working in the Rare Books department at the Rush Rhees library in New York, where we often wrapped the spines of new buckram covers we made for old, delicate books.

Instead of stamping, I decided to use this amazing wide washi tape. It's just black, white and grey, but I used a Copic Marker to add some soft details in yellow.

How did I get such a straight edge? I decided how big I wanted the tape, then I pulled off roughly that amount and stuck it down to my craft mat, leaving it attached to the roll. Then I put the larger of the two Cut Align rulers on it on the side that was attached to the roll and tore a perfectly straight edge. Next, I put a little temporary adhesive down on my craft mat and flipped the tape over, sticking it to the adhesive, sticky side up. then it was easy to center my folded card on it, and I smoothed it down onto the card with my teflon bone folder. On the front, I added a thin strip of yellow card stock, and these fun embellishments. The sentiment is from this set.

And yes, I know I've used this set on like ten cards already but I love it! Stop yelling at me!
Here's the back.
You could also put a strip of tape on the envelope to be all extra!

This beautiful collection of tapes make it easy to make pretty, quick cards. Especially take a look at the galaxy one on that page - it's stunning in real life. I have a few friends dealing with carpal tunnel right now, so stamping is off limits, and I thought this would be a fun alternative. I love these larger rolls of tape. They are like the wallpaper borders of the 90's but infinitely cooler.

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What are your plans for the weekend? I'm planning on doing retreat prep!

The weekend can't get here soon enough for me.



  1. What a fun challenge (yay Dina!), and your card is perfect! I would never have thought to use the wide Washi tape - would have stamped! have created a Washi monster in Missouri!!! Very pretty, Lydia - thanks for sharing and inspiring me to try something new!

  2. You always come up with clever touches, Copics on the washi tape, brilliant! Every year I print a list, name and date, in date order, then just red line through it when it's done. My list is very short, so that's the easiest way for me. It would take a ream of paper for you!


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