Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dear April...

Welcome to day 4,000 of the giraffe not having her baby.

Unless the giraffe had her baby in the few hours between when I typed this and when it posts. That would be just like that stupid giraffe.

However, as I told my friend Kat today - I think she's named April for a reason. So don't hold your breath for two weeks. She's having her baby in April.

If there's money to be made in live streams of animal not doing things, I'm sitting on two cats worth of gold mines. Just sayin'.

I am excited to be the tutorial guest at Splitcoast today, doing my cling wrap background that you first saw here.

I decided this time to try three different mediums and see how they looked. First - Distress Oxides. Then Infusions, and then watercolor. They were all so different and fun. First up is the Oxides.

To me that looked like these infrared photos of earth, so I finished it off with a simple sentiment - the earth is amazing!

Next was Infusions - I love the walnut shells in these - they add so much! Deets on the supplies below the last photo.

Finally, I got brave to cut one of the backgrounds using watercolor into letters, using the Large Letters Framelits and that gorgeous die from Concord & 9th.


Aren't those fun? And so quick. I love that look and it was fun to play with other mediums since my first tutorial on it. 

I hope you're having a fun week, with or without a baby giraffe :).



  1. If you need to see cute baby giraffes, our zoo welcomed a new little one in November.

    Awesome cards today! I love all the color and the wild swirls!

  2. Loving these background and the simple perfect sentiment pairing!

  3. Gorgeous samples have me inspired my friend. Hugs...

  4. This tutorial is a MUST, I'm sure! Cleaned up a few days of colored mess ... and now you're already making me consider giving it another try already! LOL As for April's baby calf ... she's hoping for a little privacy .... poor lady. I'm thinking she will back herself into a corner where the camera can't catch the miracle until she's ready for the full reveal. ;)

  5. I'm thinking of doing this as a project in a technique class but that would depend on how long it takes to dry. Do you have a ballpark estimate of the time?

    1. Depends on the medium, but if you did this first and let it dry while you did other projects, you'd be fine in most cases. More than 30 is ideal.

  6. very beautiful! I really love the effect with the Oxides! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  7. These are absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed your video at Splitcoast. Those Oxide inks are a thing of beauty. Don't you love Daily Mail!? They report things about 3 days earlier than any other media outlet. My husband thinks I'm psychic :)

  8. These cards are amazing and wonderful! Definitely on my list of things to try - thank you so much for the video too!!!

  9. Your pieces are beautiful. Thanks for a great video.

  10. What fabulous backgrounds! Wow!

  11. I love these. I'm all about making my own paper right now so this is fabulous! Another technique for me to try!


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