Sunday, July 31, 2016

I Love You More Than...

It finally happened.

I FINALLY got a Pikachu in Pokemon Go! Those of you who are playing know how exciting that is, as it is the most supremely adorable little creature on the planet!

He (I'm assuming it's a he) jumps up and says PIKACHU in a voice that is reminiscent of the Pillsbury dough boy when you catch him.

Actually I just not got curious and went and looked, and apparently there's a raging debate about whether he's a boy or a girl - who knew? People can argue about anything. Anyone who is on Facebook knows that!

Anyway, he's CUTE whatever he is.

So he inspired my card for Dina's Dare To Get Dirty challenge this week. I could not resist breaking out the Labeler Alphabet to make this game-inspired card. Still makes me laugh when I see it on my desk.

I just used a Google image search to find him, and drew him with a Pitt pen, and colored him with Copics. The Labeler Alphabet is perfect, since Pokemon is actually a bit retro.
I love you more than Pikachu Card by Understand Blue Stampin' Up!

This is actually my third "I Love You More Than" card - the first one is is here, in 2011 and the second one is here, from last year. It's just such a fun sentiment.

I even saw this on the Five Guys board where they put up kids' art.

HA! Apparently Pikachu also likes hamburgers.

Another reason to love the little guy. Or girl.

 I hope you have a great lazy Sunday today.



  1. Lucky you, I get mostly Ratata's and Pidgey's. But it's fun. We're going on a road trip next week, who knows what we are going to catch.
    Like the Pikachu card.

  2. Just found this post. So freakin' cute! I'm still playing Pokemon Go. :)


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