Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Smallest Things

I was thinking the other day that it's time for another book purge. I've slowly been really getting rid of MOST of the books in our house over the last few years.

Don't freak out - I know I have a lot of book fiends that follow me - this is not the end of the world. And I'm not pitching them into a bonfire or anything. Just breathe. They'll go live at the book farm we know and love called Half Price Books.

I just don't like clutter, and I'm trying to have less of it OUTSIDE my studio, and books are something we just have too much of right now.

Also, I've transitioned to audio books and Kindle books - more audio than Kindle. Reading makes me sleepy now, and I don't have a lot of time to read, so I can listen to as many books as I used to read while I'm on my daily walks. I can still hear the birds chirping over the book, and I just find it relaxing.

So I made a pass through the house this weekend gathering up the non-sacred titles - just mysteries and things I'll never read again.

But every time I do this I enjoy seeing all the ones I'll NEVER part with. All my Russian writers, Orwell, Saramago and Garcia-Marquez, Carroll, Tolkien, Rowling.

And while I believe it was probably Swimmy that launched my love of reading, or Little Blue and Little Yellow, there's one series that will always be on my shelf and that's the Herriot series - All Creatures Great and Small and the rest. I read them probably twenty times starting at about age 10.

I've always loved all creatures, and I wanted to be a vet until I read these books and learned that it's not all a walk in the park. Besides never wanting to shove my arm up a cow's butt, I couldn't take all the tragedy. I could more easily work in a profession where people are keeling over every day than I could a place where one pet was likely to die.

But I loved these books, and laughed and cried every time I read them.

He had such a great outlook on life and death, and the simplicity of the country setting always appealed to me. He was such a kind man, and as a friend often says - the world could use more kindness. I think he expressed better than anyone else ever has just what it feels like to be a true animal lover.

My pre-order came today and I thought about him when I took out two stamp sets together - so my first card with new catalog goodies was literally a split-second design choice. The kitty is from Sitting Here, and the sentiment is from a GORGEOUS set I love - Layering Love. The sentiments are beautiful! You will love them - you can see them in June. This kitty reminds me of my friend Ellie's cat Opie, who I got to snuggle in Phoenix in January.

Sitting Here by Understand Blue - Stampin' Up! Sneak Peek

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I stamped the kitty on the card base and then again on marker paper in Memento. Then I colored him with Copics, cut him out and glued him on top of the stamped kitty, after coloring a little shadow. The reason I did all that was because I wanted his whiskers to show.

So there you have it - a clean & simple sneak peek for you. I did this card for a little pre-order challenge with some friends - can't wait to see what they do. We'll be using some of the same stamp sets.

Hope you're having a good week!



  1. Well, I have to say this is my favorite card ever!!! And I will show it to Opie, just as soon as he wakes up for more than a bite to eat! ♡

  2. What a great card - the combination is perfect (notice how I avoided the obvious wordplay here)! I love the Herriot books and the tv show (it's in Yorkshire, what's not to love?!!).

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your card today! I thought of cats when I saw that sentiment, will definitely CASE your card! TFS!

  4. Absolutely agree with you about the Herriot books. Read, reread, etc., each of them but, like you, couldn't be a vet because...well, you said it very well. I can't even watch a movie where an animal gets hurt. Just fly into a rage. Anyway, thanks to you, I'm going to have to have this sentiment. It is now on my ever growing wish list.

  5. Awesome card .. and that sentiment is killer! I have gotten rid of tons of books also. In my youth, I re-read books. I don't do that any longer. So it's time for those books to go to our library for their annual sale. I enjoyed the book, someone else gets a bargain and the library can buy more audiobooks. Win/Win The only books I labor over parting with are cookbooks. Those are like bibles to me.
    PS - Finally got a MISTI and I feel like a new woman!

  6. I adore this card!!! Your so brilliantšŸ˜

  7. I love kitties! (Jane made me say that) people are my least favorite species.


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