Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Great Controversies of Our Time

Every now and then I cannot resist bringing up controversial topics on Facebook.

No, not politics.

Not religion.

I don't touch those with a ten foot pole.

But there are a few things that can always get people to fight with each other, and I just sit back with my popcorn and watch the comments roll.

The first is a sacred cow to some - and to others, the devil.


A Keurig.

In October of 2012, I posted a comment that I'd read an article about how you're actually paying about $30 a pound for coffee if you use K Cups.

That started a war that lasted SEVEN DAYS! All my friends who were part of #keuriggate2012 still remember the endless notifications from that week-long thread, and the passion of the Keurig cult members and the anti-Keurigites, the reusable K-cup people vs. the throw-aways vs. the people who pick and roast their own beans in Columbia every morning and fly home to make their coffee with water from the dew on their plants in the yard.

It. Was. Glorious.

I remember it with such fondness.

Recently, I got a similar reaction with a post of some absolutely hideous fleece lined Crocs (God help us) that I truly was unaware of the existence of. The Crocophiles lined up against the anti-Crocites with ferocity. It should be noted, however, that each Crocophile who posted their undying love for these things did so 100% of the time with an excuse. Some of my favorites were things like "I only wear them at home - my family has to love me not matter what" and "I'm Canadian." You know you have made a poor choice in footwear when you have to use your nationality as an excuse for the things. Another said " I want to go on the record as stating that they were not purchased by me."

Regardless of what side of these contentious issues you are on, the discussions are completely hilarious, and never overly-serious.

Our culture suffers from an ACUTE case of over-seriousness. Everyone should relax and stamp more.

My friend Leslie over at The Crooked Stamper (Bobra's mom) told me she saw Christmas trees in Ikea and gasped. I believe the Christmas gear should come out the Friday after Thanksgiving, but I'm a bit of a purist that way. Stamps are different, of course - because people need a month or two to make their Christmas cards, so they have to buy their stamps in the fall.    

But I don't want to see Santa lurking in the aisles until I've had a little turkey if that's okay with everyone.

So I decided to comfort her with a fall project I actually made when we were together in October. My friend +Kathy Racoosin  brought us some of those gorgeous fall Starbucks cups to color and I had so much fun just talking and coloring this - even if it did take me all day :).

I watercolored it with my Koi pan watercolor and sponged the edges with Distress Ink. I borrowed this sweet fox set from Lawn Fawn and colored him with Koi as well. You had to die cut the logo out of the middle after you deconstructed the cup, so he's on a separate piece of cardstock behind the opening.

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I do love fall.

Let's give it room to breathe. Back off on the trees, IKEA - we'll be there in a few weeks!

I'm off to work on another divisive topic like cranberry sauce in a can. Heh.



  1. HAHA! I love controversy like this. And I still have my Sbux cup, uncolored. I must work on that.

    Nordstrom's (at least they used to) "celebrate no holiday before its time", and Christmas decorations came out after Thanksgiving. We won't talk about the poor employees climbing ladders with extended bellies full of holiday stuffin'.

    I think the commercialism of Christmas has overshadowed our ability to give thanks for what we already have. This is the main reason I plan to be thankful all month before I accept it's time to think about Christmas.

    *steps off of soap box*

    And thank you for not bringing up the stoopid Sbux Red Cup crisis. People need to chill.

  2. Well, well, well. I guess we will never be friends. :-( I have & LOVE my "pod" coffee maker. It's not our main coffee machine, tho; just the occasional "splurge" afternoon caffeine indulgence. Love Green Mountain Dark Magic!
    And I own TWO pairs of the aforementioned footwear WITH the lining. And yes, I do live in South Carolina. WHAT'S YOUR POINT? But alas, my podiatrist has banned them. But they were SOOOO comfortable, easy to slip on to run errands. And they complimented my favorite lumberjack wardrobe. Maybe I should move to Canada, eh?
    I'm still gonna follow/stalk you, tho, cuz I think you're an amazing artist , craft enabler, & promoter of goodness - ya know, aside from being K-cup & Croc hater. :-)

    1. HAHA! I have no opinion whatsoever on K-cups! Just crocs. :) I just let the Keurig people fight to the death on my page heheh

  3. I want to get in on this gig where you get to borrow stamps from Lawn Fawn. And I am also sporting a sad-face for never seeing one of those fancy Sbux fall fancy cups in real life. I never got to drink from one or color one. *sigh* I'll just have to wrap my fingers around another red ombre cup and kick my non-croc wearing feet up while I watch the next Fiedler-fight unravel.

  4. Geez Louise you are a scream. (Auto correct tried to change "geez" to "geezer"!!! You definitely aren't that!). Anyway, always a breath of fresh air your posts. You should listen to Studio 360's interview with Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia/Slater Kinney. It was compelling; love what she said about the preciousness of this culture we've created, it's self referential nature, it's inability to laugh at itself, the luxury of being able to have such petty concerns, while disregarding some real issues (like the environmental cost of all the plastic we use?!! Erhem, Keurig cups;) ). Anyway, people do need to lighten up for real and look at their own contradictions. Sometimrs, though, I think it's a real reaction to people living in fear, or rather angst, and it's misdirected. Sometimes we just need a reality check and a laugh. Thanks for that, Lydia!! Xo

  5. Love the clever marketing dept over at Starbucks, let's get free advertising by creating a phony controversy about a benign red cup. All I can think is what pawns the media have become for corporations. I never understood the whole Crocs thing, they look downright dangerous to me. And by that I mean they look like something I would wear once, trip on something and kill my silly self and leave my hubby aheckofalotofmoney, which he would spend on golf. And since I'm not a fan of golf, I can't allow that, so no Crocs for me.

  6. You are just a controversial type of person. You didn't just throw that cranberry one in there and then finish your post... You did an awesome job coloring this. Very cute project.

  7. I completely agree with your Facebook controversies...they are crazy fun to watch. Also agree with the eagerness (or perhaps greed) of retailers bombarding consumers with Christmas prior to having eaten my yearly dose of mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce (don't care whether it's canned or not), etc.You may keep the turkey...just sayin'. So happy you used these pretty cups for your card today which is adorable, by the way. I've been coloring the one I could lay my hands on ala Kathy Racoosian just for fun. Thanks to you, I'm inspired to make a card or tag now. Another by the way, you do know now there is a controversy over the Starbucks Holiday Cup, don't you? You're 100% correct, peoply need to relax more.

  8. Adorable and beautiful together! The card, I mean! I do love my K cup coffee whatever the cost, and I enjoy it as I sit outside on a cool fall morning in my lined Crocs~ with other clothes, of course! As for the cranberry sauce, I love either one! Happy Fall!

  9. O.M.G! I'm so with you on the Christmas crap before Thanksgiving! I began hearing Christmas Carols in stores on NOVEMBER Freakin' FIRST for Heaven sake! I do NOT want to hear a single Christmas carol until the day AFTER Thanksgiving. And other than Christmas card and craft projects I don't want to think about Christmas until there is nothing left of my turkey but bones and leftover turkey salad. I don't even begin my Christmas shopping until November, and if I could I would wait until December. That said, beginning the day after Thanksgiving, I'm all Christmas Carols all the time until December 25th. I even have a separate iPod JUST for Christmas music. :) But so help me......I better not hear ONE more carol before that darned turkey is gone!

  10. I adore your ability to stir the pot and watch is boil. LOL Great post. I too have saved my Sbux cups because they are so fabulous and beg to be colored! I love what you did with yours!


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