Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Future Zombie Self

I cannot resist zombifying stamp images.

It's so bad that I think I might actually qualify for a Social Security Disability program of some sort.

It's SO much fun.

What's funny is I checked out of the Walking Dead at Terminus - it just crossed a line for me that I couldn't recover from. Up until that point, despite the darkness, I really thought it was a well done show. I don't mind darkness - I'm a fan of Thomas Hardy, Jose Saramago and George Orwell if that gives you any clues - but there's a limit to my tolerance for depravity and brutality. I prefer struggles of the soul, I guess. That's what was so unusual about Breaking Bad - it was able to overcome the brutality of some parts of the show with the really elevated soul struggles. But I digress.

I like my zombies funny - like Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead (my fave - although you have to calibrate your ears to the English accents - I remember feeling lost in the first few minutes because they may as well have been speaking Japanese.)

There's just something hilarious to me about the whole zombie thing. The fact that they lumber around as if they've been pithed.

The growly sounds.

The groupthink.

Maybe it's that they remind me of politicians, with their lack of higher thought and their voracious appetite for my stuff.

Just take, take, take. Hmm. If only I had time to make a wickedly funny political satire. Sadly, I'm writing a blog post.

One thing I LIKED about the Walking Dead before they crossed the line was that they gave you hope through a few characters that maybe there was a glimmer of a soul left in the zombies. Just a tiny chance that they retained their humanity. This, of course, is how you hoped they differed from politicians.

Also the immortality is sort of oddly appealing. I think everyone thinks - well, I guess if I get to come back, I'm not TOTALLY opposed to eating brains and lumbering around in a torn shirt with a bunch of strangers.

Their hygiene leaves a little to be desired though. I don't really get that part. If I were granted a zombie afterlife I think I'd spiff myself up just a bit. You know - you want to stand out from the other zombies. Try to have a little zombie self-respect. Maybe lure your victims in with your sparkly and clean zombie outfit.

When I saw the Make It Crafty collaborative zombie challenge with Sandy Allnock, I scoured my stamps for the perfect image to zombify.

When I found it, I squealed.

It's like a preview of what I'd be in the zombie afterlife. hehehe.

I give you - my future zombie self.

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See? I'm not scary.

Come a little closer.


Happy Halloween, y'all!



  1. Lydia - you are the best. Your words and your art are so great. I look forward to your posts and can't wait to see what you create next.

  2. I love reading your posts. Can't stop laughing. I agree about the politician/zombie.

  3. Isn't she lovely...great hair.

  4. I love it! I wanted to enter that challenge but I couldn't bring myself to zombify any of them - I'll be up for it next year for sure now though! :-) x


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