Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Touch Screen of Death

I saw a super cheesy commercial this morning for some insurance company where two people were happily swooshing things around on an imaginary floor to ceiling touch screen control center thingy.

Why is this presumed to be the technology of the future?

Thankfully, I telecommute now, but when I had to slog to an office every day, I"m just going to be honest - those places are FILTHY! People are filthy! Have you ever seen an office microwave? Ours always looked like someone had cooked several human heads in it. Or have you seen a coworker bring their salad into the BATHROOM and leave it on the sink while they go into a stall and proceed to talk to their mother whilst relieving themselves, and then leave without washing their hands?

I have, my friends. And MUCH, much worse.

The last thing in the WORLD I want is a giant, non-porous surface that is constantly being touched by these same people.


Can you say plague?

Touchscreens should be completely dedicated to one person only. Some things just aren't meant to be communal. Actually, most things aren't.

Keep your germs to yourselves, weird future people!

Okay - remember this card that I made with the new Artisan Embellishment Kit die cut, after turning it into a stencil? And remember in that post on December 11th I told you I'd be back the next day with the OTHER cool thing I did with it? And remember how it's now January 25th?

Whatever. You're too detail-oriented!

Anyhoo - here I am with the second half. So after I sprayed the stencil to make the positive rose design on that card, my stencil was covered in this gorgeous red-gold wet spray - so I MONOPRINTED with it!! Just pressed the wet stencil onto watercolor paper. I actually think I like this method best!

Then I tore my studio apart, threw my house into chaos and only now found the pile that that beautiful little print was in and FULFILLED MY MONTH OLD PROMISE TO SHOW YOU!

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Cool eh? Then I smooshed my Encore gold ink pad onto one of the little hellos in the kit and then mounted it onto the Gold Soiree DSP and then onto Crumb Cake Cardstock.

It's so happy and bright. I find myself grudgingly liking gold these days - I never did before and now it's growing on me.

Unlike communal touchscreens. The toilet seats of the future.

Oh speaking of the future - here are a few more days from my Calendar Art Journal.

This one features Fine Feathers (RETIRED) and Twinkling H20s and a Faber-Castell pencil.

This one is just quick watercolor balloons with Koi watercolor, and strings drawn with a crow quill pen and Bombay India Ink in Turquoise. The sentiment - prepare for smirking - is the FRENCH version of the A Happy Thing Sale-A-Bration set - that's right - I'm a genius. 

When you're done earning all your SAB freebies, you can start over and get them in French! Love it!

La belle vie indeed!

Hope you had a good lazy weekend.



  1. Oh, poor thing....much like our ancient ancestors who believed the gods were bowling when they heard thunder (I think it was bowling...actually, bowling is a relatively modern activity...maybe some ancient form of bocci? Or just an irritable mother whinging potsherds at one of the many minions that dared enter her are afraid of technology that could possibly be life saving. With a bit of maneuvering, one could become adept at drawing with ones toes and thus never have to leave one's bed. Ever. And who has ever died from too much sleep? Not to mention how much less toxicity you'd be exposed to by using your feet. No matter how you slice it, this world of sleep and toe drawing has potential...

  2. Your Calendar Art Journal is just wonderful! I think the watercolored balloons are my favorite, so far! 'La belle vie' documented day-by-day. What could be better? ♡Dawn


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