Sunday, January 18, 2015

Into Each Life, A Little Bird Poop Must Fall

So the remodel is still going. The weather has been very un-Texasy, and it ground progress to a halt for nearly two weeks, as the things that I needed to do involved painting and polyurethaning, which required a little warmth and dry air. Maddening.

However, the sun finally returned and I was able to finish sealing the top of my stamping desk and get that moved into my room on top of my funky orange Bisley filing cabinets. You can see here how much brighter the room is with the lighter top and with no backing on the desk to block the window. I still have to figure out a little platform to extend the windowsill for Maddie & Splotch to lounge on - the back of the old desk created a snug little box against the window that they loved to sleep on, so I have to recreate that for them. Shouldn't be too hard - you can see there is space behind the filing cabinets. We are also going to do a little catification on the wall on the right - a little vertical playground to let them run up the wall towards the ceiling and hang out on top of my IKEA bookcases. There is no remodel that doesn't take the furries' happiness into account!

The filing cabinets will hold my neutral cardstock in hanging folders on top - look at my pretty folders - they match my card catalog:

The bottom drawers will hold (just loose) - current DSP on the left, and on the right, current kits & accessories. This will make it so that when I'm prepping for classes, I don't accidentally include something that is retired.

Weather isn't the only setback during this remodel.

Yesterday, while painting my colored cardstock organizers from Stamp-n-Storage, this happened:

I mean REALLY!!!!

Luckily - the tops were already dry, and I'm using a high gloss lacquer spray paint, so I was able to remove all evidence of bird terrorism.

The units are now painted, and today, I'm painting a plywood base that I'm going to add casters to today, so my tower of paper units (four of these) will be up off the floor - away from dustbunnines and the reach of a mop - and I can roll them out to vacuum under etc. They will be very heavy when they're full of paper, so this will be awesome.

I've spent the beginning of every Saturday and Sunday at Home Depot and Lowe's. They're starting to wave and say hi when I show up now.

Before my stamping desk was in, I had to prep for two classes - that was nearly impossible on my teeny computer desk, which is barely bigger than my monitor and keyboard. That was a challenge, but I did it!I even have proof!

Here's one of the projects we did at my Butterfly Basics class - it's a faux tole technique.

Instead of shaping each piece, I left them flat, but elevated them off the card with two layers. 

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The rest of the card was easy - tone on tone stamping with Baked Brown Sugar, and a few accents with a white gel pen.

I've also been battling internet issues for weeks. Every day at about 6, my internet dies. They think that my line is spliced into someone else's.

It's maddening - especially since I use my internet for work, and I work for a company in California, so the last few hours of every work day are useless to me. GRR.

I'm on a texting basis with my AT&T tech now. Hopefully they will figure it out this coming week and life can get back to normal at some point.

So I'm a little late with my Season's Giving prizes, but here they are! If you are a winner, please click the email me button top right and send me an email with redemption instructions! Thanks for your patience and congratulations!!

The winner of Mystery Box #1 is....
The winner of Mystery Box #2 is....
The winner of the $75 shopping spree is...

And, because it took me so long, I'm throwing in an additional prize. You'll find out what it is when you get it!

The winner of the mystery prize is...

I loved reading all your comments - and thank you for sharing your pets, your recipes, your resolutions and some of your favorite projects - I've enjoyed them all and I read every one!

I hope you have a sunny & poop-free week. Actually I hope I do too!



  1. I love the transformation of your space!

  2. LOL! Poop free ROCKS!!!!! I am planning on painting my punch storage and my marker box in my window time frame of warm.... August!

  3. OMGoodness! All of that hard work and then you have to deal with THAT! I really feel for you!
    If its any consolation....Your card is really awesome??????!!!!!

  4. Lydia, your stamping space is so awesome!! I admit I am a wee bit jealous, since I don't have a craft ROOM, just craft space for my cubes and I work on my table, but those new orange files are the bomb and I love the lighter top!!!

    SO glad the bird poop landed AFTER the organiuzers were dry, so you could get it off - I can almost picture you screaming at the birds when you discovered it!!

    Love the faux tole - especially white on kraft!! Thanks for all you share with us!

  5. Lydia, people in my neck of the woods say that getting pooped on is a sign of good luck. I've been personally pooped on by a Seagull while out on a day trip with my husband's family . I got badly crapped on - hair and shirt. My mom in law rushed me to a bathroom and helped me was the poop off while telling me it is good luck. Another time I got crapped on by another seagull while sitting inside a moving car - on my wedding anniversary ! It was less that time. Well, I've been happily married for nearly 32 years, so maybe it is true that getting pooped on is good luck. Best of luck to your shelves. :)

  6. OMG! Too funny! Good thing it was dry! :) I used to have pet birds that we allowed to fly loose in the house. My male, Oscar, liked to sit on top of my kitchen cabinets and watch me cook. I started clipping his wings when he started pooping on my kitchen counter! I guess the kitchen isn't a good place for a bird. LOL


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