Monday, December 1, 2014

The Darkroom Gets Off Scot-Free!

I was reading something on Facebook last week by someone grumbling about photoshopped images and arguing with a photographer about a particular photo and how it had been "altered".

I was thinking to myself that since you can't take a picture with your eyeball, and since your eyeball sees things differently than my eyeball does, that it seemed like a bit of a nitpick.

But a few days later, I remembered what I used to do in my high school photography classes, which was basically Photoshop in a chemical bath.

We DRASTICALLY altered photos through the developing process and even retouched negatives. There's not really any such thing EVER on the planet as an un-retouched image. You could even alter images in camera in the olden days just with double exposures.

So I'm not sure why digital photographers get so much flak. It seems like a Star-Bellied Sneetch issue.

Why can't they just be friends, the film Sneetches and the digital Sneetches?

Speaking of friends, my friend Mary Ellen Stites at Create with M.E. nominated me to play along in the Creative Blog Hop - a very cool daisy-chain of blog posts by amazing people! Since she was so sweet to include me I had to whip out my beloved Banner Blessings set and some squirrels and make a friend card! Hard to see here but the little heart has Crystal Effects on it.

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There are four questions that go along with this hop and these were fun to answer!

1) What are you working on? I decided Thanksgiving weekend would be a good time to completely rip my studio apart and create chaos in my house that I'm sure will last the whole holiday season! Yay me! It was time for something new - my space isn't really working for me anymore and I've been working around it for 12 years. So the weekend started like this:

ended like this:

Try to contain your jealousy.

Do I have new furniture for the room yet? Nope. I'm going to try things in the room with temporary tables and drawings of the space to make sure when I do get something, it's perfect. So don't come over - the entire contents of this room are in bags and boxes in my living room. It's pretty crazy. I might not live through it!

2. How does your work differ from others in this genre?

I describe my style as CAQ - Clean and Quirky. I love clean and simple stamping - I'm a power consumer of white and crumb cake cardstock, but I also love quirky animals, funny, offbeat greetings, monsters, etc. and I pride myself on making clean mixed media projects. I like bright, saturated complementary colors and if you just look at my gallery on Splitcoast you'll see I'm drawn to the same color combos for most of my cards.

3. Why do you create what you do?

That's a good question. I've been making art since I could walk. Every waking moment that isn't spent working or cooking or walking is spent making something. Pair that with my love of teaching, and it's a powerful driving force in my life.

4. How does your creative process work?

I absorb a LOT of online content in my job at Splitcoast. So during my work day, I see many inspiring projects. Those all go into my head, and when I walk in the mornings or when I'm falling asleep at night, some elements gel together in my head into an idea. I do my best design work away from my studio - mostly deep in the woods.

Now I get to nominate two people to hop along - their posts will happen next Monday so be sure and follow them so you can see what they do!

The first is my good friend, long time Splitcoast moderator, Creative Crew Challenge coordinator, downline member and fellow Texan Bev Gerard, also known as TexasGrammy. Bev has the kindest heart and best laugh of anyone I've ever known. She has welcomed me into her home and her FABULOUS detached stamping studio on my trips to what I call "Southern Oklahoma" and what she calls "Dallas." She is an amazing artist - I'd describe her style as Modern Classic - she has a real flair for design that is warm and welcoming.

The second one is Ceal Pritchett - a deep southern girl who lives in Colorado and who I met through Splitcoast, where she is a gallery moderator. I got to meet her in person at Convention this summer and I didn't want to let her go back home! Her sweet southern accent and her mischievous sense of humor made me feel like I have known her all my life! Ceal's style is CAS with a real sweetness about it, just like her! She also has a mind-blowing studio at her home.

Wait - maybe I'm sensing a theme here! Studio envy!! :).

Anyway, watch for their links in the chain next Monday! Big hugs to Mary Ellen for including me!

Wednesday is the Occasions Mini Catalog and Sale-A-Bration catalog premiere at the movies! I can't wait and will share some peeks with you.

In the meantime, don't forget - the Online Extravaganza and discounted Starter Kit only last two more days - time's a wastin'!


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