Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Shine On, Friends

 Goodbye is hard. I think that's why they put good at the front so that you don't think as much about the bye.

Today we are saying an official farewell to a real pillar of the stamping industry - Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Magazine, which provided many years of incredible inspiration, and whose editorial team provided endless enthusiam for, and support of, papercrafting across the globe. It's hard to be happy about that.

But there are things to be happy about, always. I'm very grateful to have met some of these ladies and also just to have watched them shine over the years. To a (wo)man, it was never just a job for this team. Their love of art and flair for curation made all of our days more colorful and fun.

And you know what? They still will - I have no doubt at all.

Shine on, my Paper Crafts friends. Thank you for years of inspiration. Thanks Cath for your amazing work on Moxie Fab - even though you have moved on, it's hard to think of PC&S without you. Thanks Teri for your incredible talent, your sweet heart, and that big hug you gave me in the airport when we found out we were in the same terminal on Twitter. Thanks Susan for your positivity, your energy, your COLOR, and for introducing me to things I never dreamed existed, like sketchbooks with a visual plan for every outfit you're going to wear on vacation! #whoknew

I know great things are ahead for all the shining stars at Paper Crafts - Holly, Stacy, Matt, Jennifer, Kerri and everyone else. I know it. But you will all be terribly, terribly missed as you find your new place in the crafty or publishing firmament.

You may have arrived here from the blog of my sweet friend & co-worker at Splitcoaststampers - Lori. See below for the next blog and the full list of awesome human beings participating.

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I wanted to keep the focus on this card on the message, so I stamped the star from Bright & Beautiful in Smoky Slate (stamped off once), added clear embossing powder and embossed it (love that about the new firm foam ink pads) and then stamped the message from Banner Blessings in black. I added a few sparkly rhinestones and some tinsel trim and it just shines. :)

One last thing that I feel like I have to say, because not to say it would really be a sin of omission, and my Catholic ancestors would roll over in their graves. So here it is.

If there's something you love and would miss if it were gone - pay for it. If you're lucky enough to have an independent craft store where you are (we no longer do) - spend maybe 80% of your craft budget there, and save the rest for other sources. If there's a magazine you love - buy a subscription. If you use Wikipedia - donate during their donation drives. If there are other sites you use every day - buy a premium subscription, shop at their advertisers, make a donation. Every dollar you spend represents part of the foundation of the businesses that will remain. If you are constantly looking for free things, the best shipping price, etc. then don't be surprised when the things you love, but never paid for, go away. It's cause and effect, and we are all responsible. Like every other business in every other industry, craft-focused businesses have to be profitable. I think because we're all having so much fun, that we forget that there are real people and real jobs and real families that are paying their light bills with whatever money we choose to spend with them, and they get laid off and their businesses close when we don't make that choice. Love is grand, but it doesn't pay the mortgage. Reward the people, the companies and the websites you love with your disposable income, and they will shine, too. That's my Christmas wish. :)

Next up in the hop is my sweet friend and fellow Dirty Dozen Alumna - Julie Campbell. Now THERE is a girl who sparkles.

Enjoy the talent on this amazing hop.

A squillion thanks and much, much love to the PC team for an inspiring and joyful production that brought us all a wealth of knowledge and tons of fun.

We will miss you.



  1. What a wonderful story of thanks!! Thanks for this big smile on my morning face! Love that tinseled creation ... LUV it!


  2. Tears. I WILL MISS them. Paper Crafts magazine was the ONLY subscription we had coming in to this house. I am sad I came to the paper crafting world too late to get many years of their magazines but I have a small stack of well worn copies that will have to do. Your card is beautiful and your post, as always, is beautifully written.

  3. Such a wonderful post...gorgeous card.

  4. Wow I am going to need more than one cup of tea to get through that list! I am so sad to hear this - looked forward to that magazine every month! Those gals rock....and then some! Love your card and your post is wonderful.....putting the kettle on!

  5. Stunning card...and wonderful post.

  6. Absolutely love your Christmas Wish, Lydia. So very well said, and so true. I hope we all follow your advice.

  7. Well said sentiment, Lydia: pay for it. Well said.

  8. I just HAD to pop in to tell you how much I loved your message/Christmas Wish. So many folks have a gimme, gimme attitude these days. It's so sad to say goodbye to PC&S and Moxie Fab World, but omg - just look at this super-sized farewell blog hop! Woot!! Love your shining card too. xo

  9. Wow, Lydia. SO well said - every single part! Thank you :)

  10. Beautiful card and beautiful post.

  11. Wonderful post, beautiful card, and a list of Who's Who in the Paper Crafting industry!


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