Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Casting a Wide Net. Also - a Cute Fox.

Okay - I've been wanting to ask this question for a long, long time.

Thanks to this supremely boring article, I learned that if you have 100 friends on Facebook, your first level "friends of friends" network is actually 27,500. That's a lot of people.

That means, I have a potential "friends of friends" network of about 350,000 people. And that doesn't include Splitcoast, Twitter, real life, etc.

That's a great number for a statistical sample. And as you know, I'm a scientist. Pfft. Anyway...

We occasionally get pizza delivered. God bless America, by the way, land of the free, home of the brave, place where people bring delightful Italian snacks to your door for not very much money when you're too busy to cook, yet starving.

As a loyal customer of two pizza places in particular, I have received many opportunities to participate in surveys for these businesses, which supposedly occasionally result in a $1,000 cash prize for a lucky survey taker.

I used to work in a service business, and customer surveys are very important, so I always take them for brands that I care about and connect with, with or without the lure of a potential cash reward.

However, a curious person like myself wonders to herself, usually at 3 AM when a cat wakes her up, if anyone in her network of 350,000 people has actually been the recipient of such a prize.

Since the sample population size is valid, I'm asking you to ask - has anyone you know won one?

If not, my suspicions that this is the Big Foot of foodservice may indeed be fact, not conjecture.

Let me know if you know someone, or even know someone who knows someone who has won a survey prize.

In the meantime, please enjoy this RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE FOX from the Life in the Forest set that will come out in the Occasions Mini Catalog - SQUEE!! He DOES make me happy.

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  1. Your fox is adorable, and no, I have never won a prize from any of the companies, so I pretty much have stopped taking their surveys, except for PetSmart which at least gives me coupons for money off my purchases and day camp!

  2. Big fat survey loser here.
    love your stunning and simple card.

  3. Never won, know anyone who has. Adorable card! Love the blue dots

  4. He is indeed a cute fox!!

    I admit to a certain amount of scepticism / cynicism about those surveys myself. So obviously I've never one anything. I noticed that when I got something for my nephew in an outdoor-activity shop, the incentive wasn't "a chance to win" but a definite 10% off your next purchase. But, ha, I didn't fill it in because I only ever visit that shop when there's something very specific I want, and I bet that 10% off would have expired before my next visit.

  5. I have never won any prize from a customer survey nor have I ever met or known someone who has one. I often wonder the same thing about Publishers Clearing House or McDonalds Monopoly........hmm, curious.

  6. Cute, cute card. I have never won a survey prize, nor do I know anyone who has won either...


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