Sunday, July 29, 2012

There's a Little Cowboy in All of Us

The internet is a funny place.

Everyone's first inclination is always to say that it breaks down barriers, makes the world smaller, lets us befriend people in far away lands and find out what we all have in common.

All of this is true.

But it also makes us realize our regional quirks and how strange they seem to other people.

I love hanging out with my Canadian friends at Stampin' Up! events, and we have a blast exploring these things. We never notice them until they are observed by someone from another culture and it's hilarious to see how other people perceive us.

For example, they are baffled by some of our more "cowboy" traits in Texas - our feistiness, our love of hunting and shooting and storytelling. We, on the other hand, are amazed at how polite they are, their confusing cell phone situation and how much better their candy is.

(And yes, I'm talking about Coffee Crisp. I actually think this stuff has crack in it. I'm down to the last one my friend Sue brought me and I could weep thinking about how I won't have another until I force her to fill her suitcase with them when she comes to Leadership in Orlando. And I don't even really eat sweets at all. )

We had so much fun on our last night at dinner that I think I actually got some new laughing muscles. We laughed until we cried that night, and after I got back to Texas and was really missing everyone so much, I figured out what this particular group of people has in common - even more than our passion for stamping and art.

We can laugh at ourselves.

Not only can we, but we LOVE to do it when we're together. I've never met a more good humored bunch of people who are so willing to joke about themselves.

I consider this a cowboy trait. Self-deprecation was one of John Wayne's most endearing traits - it was at the heart of his charm.

You're just so much more human and approachable if you can find the humor in what makes you different from other people.

Life is too short to take yourself seriously.
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Stamps: Horse Frontier
Paper: Whisper White
Ink: Basic Black, Old Olive, Tangerine Tango, Soft Suede
Accessories: Aquapainter, Gold Smooch Spritz, Linen Thread, Labels Framelits
Techniques: Coloring, Mixed Media

Do you not love this horse? I made this card for Stacy Morgan's Dare to Get Dirty Challenge, and I love the way it came out! Some of it is accidental. The horse is stamped on watercolor paper, and I lightly watercolored the background. Then, I sponged the edges and sprayed the whole thing with Smooch Spritz.

But then, I decided to watercolor a little more, and when I watercolored on top of the Smooch I got that cool, sort of bleached effect you see on the left. It looks so cool!

I also found out you can use your Aquapainter on top of the white gel pen to spread it out and get that highlight effect I wanted on my horsey.

Oh - and what is that around the edge? Maybe the new gold pen that you'll see in the Holiday Mini catalog in a few days??

Yes, maybe it is.

Well run along little cowboys - it's time for a little Olympics and a visit from the sandman. Oh wait - for you, it's tomorrow. Good morning! :)



  1. You kill me Lydia, and if it wasn't so hot down there (you made the news up here, at least Dallas did) I would send you some Coffee Crisps. Although, you might even enjoy them melted? lol! I'll make up a care package when we go through the Halloween candy (my kids won't touch coffee crisp!)

  2. i think you should donate your last coffee crisp to me, in the name of scientific candy experimentation. as a barista, i need to know how i might be able to use VIA to infuse chocolate and wafers for an at-home version of this canadian treat. if not for scientific experimentation, then do it for international relations.

    btw, the horse reminds me of those plastic ones we used to play with when we were little. it's very life-like looking, if by that i'm saying that the plastic horse i played with was life-like. i'd better stop now, as i'm confusing myself.

    all i'm trying to say is, nice card!

  3. I'm not sure if it is baffled....amused? amazed? ok maybe some of it is "bafflement" if that is a word...
    can't wait to hang out at leadership!!! I guess we need to double our efforts in terms of chocolate importing?!

  4. My grandfather *always* had Coffee Crisp candy bars in his freezer. We used to nibble it down until we were left with the frozen filling in the middle. *That's* where the crack is, man.

    Gorgeous card, lady.

  5. Your card is amazing! I like the watercolouring and the great effects you created. My biggest problem with watercolours is knowing when to stop!
    You know, I have a feeling that you could make friends with folks from any where...not just us quirky Canucks! :)
    BTW, if you like Coffee Crisps, did you know you can now get Coffee Crisp hot chocolate? Just imagine slurping down a Coffee Crisp with a big dollop of whipped cream or mixed in a large mug of your favourite coffee. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about! :D

  6. Lydia, the internet is a wonderful place because I got to meet YOU, my online friend :) I can't wait to meet you in person at Leadership in January, or barring that, for sure at Convention 2013 - where I will certainly "hug you til you pee" (to quote your hilarious FB comment!!!). Count me in for the group that laughs til they grow new laugh muscles!!!

  7. I may be a Texan that didn't grow up around horses but the spirit of this cool card has me right at home. Thanks!


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