Saturday, July 7, 2012

Look - a BOY(d)!

I had my stampy class today and it was SO much fun. Some new faces, including my team member Melody's husband Boyd!

I told my girls that my stamping classes are the only ones where you get to see a boy. :)

He didn't stamp with us, but he supervised from across the restaurant. Probably embarrassed the entire time at all the giggling and squealing.

I actually had time to have an amazing latte before everyone got there because I employed the hiney distribution method for my setup, which I really liked and will use again. PS - Blogger's spell check is trying to tell me "hiney" isn't a word. Pfffft.

I always have three projects, and my tables seat about six each, so if I have more than 20 people there, then I have more hineys than I have seats. As I am not independently wealthy or a politician, I do not have the resources to have multiples of all of my supplies for class, so I have to get creative with both hineys and stamps.

So today, I split one of the projects - part of the project was done at one table, and a slower, more tedious fussy cutting and embellishing part was done at another table. So I had seats for everyone the whole time and all the hineys were happy. And I had time to have a coffee.

Gotta love a stampy Caturday.

What follows is NOT one of my class cards from today - PSYCH!!! :D

I have some cards from VSN that I haven't posted yet and I wanted to catch up before my SUPER FUN amazing live coverage starts for convention. Are you going to tune in?
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Paper: Fan Fair DSP, Crumb Cake, First Edition DSP
Ink: Basic Black
Accessories: White Gel Pen, Faceted buttons, linen thread, corner rounder

You know I always have adventures, prizes and general craziness for you, so get ready! Just one week and two wakeups now!



  1. that is an amazing card!!! love love love.

    and you have your classes in a restaurant? I'm intrigued!!

  2. I love the idea of having classes in a long as they go to another table to eat. No greasy fries or bevies on any paper crafting tables allowed. I am such a clutz!
    And no stopping to feed the family. Just plunk their hineys down somewhere and order the food. Perfect!
    Great card. I am impressed with the white sails on the vessel (I am never sure if it should be called a ship or a boat so vessel is usually safe...)
    Hope you are having a great weekend! :)

  3. I love, love, love this card! Stamping on that fabulous designer paper was brilliant. I've cased it for a birthday card for my son. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful creations!


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