Monday, December 20, 2010

The Bah Humbug Post

BWAHAH - fooled you!! I don't have a bah humbug bone in my body!

However, there does come a moment when you have to halt the Christmas preparations - the cookies, the preserves, the gifts, the lights, the yelling at people in traffic and shoving them on the baking aisle to get to the last can of sweetened condensed milk - and you have to make a birthday card.

So I dug out all my amazing pre-order goodies from the upcoming Occasions Mini Catalog and I made a birthday card for a friend.

The set is my fave from the mini cat - it's called Nature Walk. I have no more power to resist a set with a bird and speckledy eggs than I do butter or whipped cream.What's so superiffic about this little composition is the background, the left strip, the printed strip and the piece I stamped the eggs on are all from DSP from the new mini. The papers are AMAZING. The colored ones are from a package called Botanical Gazette, and the print, which I will buy a metric ton of, is called First Edition.

So the end result of this papery spiffiness is that this is a very quick card! All I had to do was add a little color to my birdie with a blender pen, and stamp the greeting.

BAM! There's your un-bah humbug birthday card!!

Now you may return to your regularly scheduled Christmas crazies! :)


  1. Love the vintage collage feel of your card, Lydia. I have a weakness for vintage, birds and cool papers so this is a trifecta for me! Have a happy holiday. *smile*

  2. What a pretty card! I had not really taken the time to look closely at the botanical paper and then today at work I took a minute and I love ! IT!!!!!!!!

    thanks for the inspiration. I can't wait to see you in about 3 weeks!!!!

    We need to do sushi or something fun anyway.

    You are going to loooove what you see.


  3. I ♥ this! I had flipped past it in the mini, but am taking a second look at it now!


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